Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pages from my scrapbook...

Today would have been our Mother's 84th birthday.
Sometimes it seems like just a little bit ago since she was here.
Other times it seems like an eternity has past.
It's already been almost 6 years
since she closed her eyes in Peace.
No one can take Mom's place...
I still find times when I want to go pick up the telephone
& call her
so I can share some special thing that has come
into my life.
I still dream of her...often.
Yet, I would never call her back to this old world,
even if I could
She is where it is "Forever Springtime"
Safely resting...cancer free!
Happy Birthday, sweet Mom of ours!
You are forever in our hearts...
Love...Your Firstborn


Karen Walden said...

I too remembered Grandma Brown's birthday yesterday! I'm sure she had a fantastic celebration on Palm Sunday in Heaven!!!

Dorcas said...

You're so right, Sheila, there's no one who can replace our Mother's! It's so hard when it's their birthday, etc!

Carol said...

Kylie and I bought flowers, etc., on Saturday. We went to the cemetery, pulled out the old stuff and cleaned up a little. We intended to go back yesterday, but the weather was rather horrible. It was freezing today as well! I'll make it out there soon... I promise!

Sherry said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom!