Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A bushel & a peck...

"I love you a bushel & a peck
A bushel & a peck
And a hug around the neck!"
Every once in a while I run across this old snapshot and that little song runs through my mind. Evidently I loved my two cousins dearly as I had them in my clutches & was showing my love!
This picture was taken in Grandma's back yard, near the old well pump, and in front of the root cellar. You can see the block walls & the dirt mounded up to protect the cellar. I remember it being cold, dark & damp, lighted only with one small light bulb. I still remember the smell, the dampness and the odor of the dirt lined ceiling. We weren't allowed to climb that little hill as Grandma warned us that it could cave in!
Grandma preserved her summer garden harvest in mason jars, which were perfectly lined up on wooden shelves at the bottom of the cellar steps. Cellars were used for storing canned goods as it kept them cool, yet it was underground & wouldn't freeze in the winter time.
When the aunts, uncles & cousins all gathered in, Grandma would sometimes send one of us girls to the cellar to bring up jars of green beans, canned tomatoes, corn, or dill pickles. Grandma's sister had a cherry tree & I remember picking blackberries somewhere, so there no doubt were also jars of fruit! There were even bushel baskets that held potatoes that had been dug up from the mounds in the garden.
One of my favorite treats was a dish of canned tomatoes, sprinkled with sugar, topped with crushed saltines & served in one of Grandma's depression glass dishes. And one of my very first memories is being left with Grandma & Grandpa when Mom went to the hospital for my baby brother to be born. I distinctly remember standing on Grandma's porch, waving goodbye to my Mom & Dad, and Grandma taking me inside & giving me my special treat.
Just an old picture and the glimpse of that old cellar can bring back many Missouri memories....bushels & pecks of them!
Photograph: Me...hugging my cousins Cherie Ann & Luana Ruth
all three of us born in 1949!


Karen Walden said...

I always have liked that picture too! Very cute!

Sherry said...

That chunky one is adorable!

Sheila said...

For once the "chunky" one isn't me! It's my 1st cousin, Cherie. Who turned out very tall & thin...much to my dismay! : )

Sherry said...

Ha! Ha! I was always the skinny one and we know how that turned out. I have always loved chunky kids! You were all cute. I am so partial to girls! :)