Friday, April 3, 2009

Attic Full of Memories

Tucked away, up a second flight of stairs, is my secret place where I keep all of treasures that I can't bare to pitch in the trash can or give away. Most things are old, of little or no meaning to anyone but me or our little family. And someday, someone is going to have to do the tossing out of these things for me.

Seldom do I let anyone go up that stairway. I rarely go there myself, other than when I have to do some necessary mending, drag out a suitcase, or hide something away. The ladybugs & dust bunnies are about to take over as I don't bother dragging the vacuum up that many steps more than absolutely necessary. So, count this as probably your only chance to get a glimpse of what is in my attic.The closet is full. Hanging there I found Karen's Junior & Senior Banquet dresses that I made for her, dated with their satin tucks & bows, trimmed in lace. There was a poodle skirt that Karen just had to have when we were at a car convention. And the white lace dresses we wore in Carol's wedding are on foam covered hangers, and when I touched the hangers the foam crumbled in my hands. There are bins of Jeff's things, pictures he has drawn, trophies he has won, & songs he has written--trinkets he has collected, and albums full of baseball cards that just might be worth a little profit if he wanted to sell them.

The white wicker bassinet that I wanted so badly for our babies now holds Pongo the dog, Puff the Magic Dragon, Micky & Minnie, along with an armful of stuffed animals. I wanted my grandbabies to use that bassinet but down through the years some little rascal had crawled into it & broken the bottom out of it. Later it was repaired, but probably not safe for my grandbabies to sleep in. Instead is still holds silly treasures.

There were the two chest of drawers that Mom & Dad had in their first home, ones that I later had in my bedroom, and ones Bob & I had in our first apartment. They have been painted white, lavender, gray, pink and no telling what other color. Years ago I stripped the many layers of paint off, sanded, stained & re varnished both chests. They aren't worth any money, but once again, I would never throw them away.I found cross stitch patterns, bobbins of floss, spools of thread, baskets of buttons, & dress patterns from years gone by. Stored there are most of my country decorating day treasures that were purchased when Vickie & I would make our trips to the Country Folk Art Shows. Longaberger baskets, Beanie Babies, children's books, my collection of the Love Comes Softly series, Christmas stories, and magazines with pictures of Princess Diana, Karen Carpenter, and other celebrities that I admired--but probably shouldn't, have fill the book shelves.

My sewing machine is upstairs, the one that Bob bought me, a Singer "Touchtronic 2001". He gave it to me in 1978, a computerized model that would make stitches with just a touch on the display screen. I was so proud of that machine and spent many hours making dresses for Karen, some even had embroidery work with just the touch of my finger.

One time I even made a little suit for Jeff, long before he was old enough to be embarrassed by wearing something his mother had sewn for him. I remember the jacket being a wool plaid with solid color pants and he was so proud that I made something especially for him! And then there are the toys. Poor Pitiful Pearl was my last doll that I got for Christmas. Years later Mom surprised me a porcelein Anne of Green Gables doll for my birthday. Karen's doll cradle is still upstairs, along with several dolls, including "Russell" & "Doria Di", her Cabbage Patch dolls.

My little waterfall replica dresser should be on display where others can see it. My Uncle Ranny hand crafted the little dresser when I was about 3 years old, definitely making it a rare antique! Little wind-up toys that I used to tuck in the kids stockings or Easter baskets have found there way into some of those dresser drawers.

I started up those steps early this afternoon to do some mending. The mending did get done but many memories came flashing back as I looked around that room. Seldom does anything make it back downstairs once it goes to Grandma Sheila's attic. Let's just call it may attic full of memories.


Dorcas said...

Your attic looks so nice and organized!!! I don't have an attic but a huge storage room in my basement. It got to be quite the mess, but is looking better as I've spent many hours down there lately reorganizing it. I should've taken a before and after picture. Sure makes me feel good :o)

Sheila said...

It's not as organized as it looks! At one time I used it to store all of my Christmas decorations & you could barely walk thru' the place! We don't have a basement so I sometimes jokingly refer to my attic as "my basement". :) Never enough storage space...

Sherry said...

I love attics and now you make me want to get in yours! LOL! I am pretty sure I remember Jeff wearing that suit! I guess I am dated because I still love country and even though it might be old I saw several things on your walls that I would still put on mine! I will always be a country gal at heart!

Denise said...

What a fun & interesting attic! You are blessed to have such a great space to keep your treasures in. :)

Brian said...

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