Thursday, March 26, 2009


I recently tried to capture Brycen's many moods with my camera. Not an easy job as he doesn't stay in one place for long!

I love his eyes! They are a beautiful blue that sparkle with mischief.

Brycen is our "sneaky" one. He will be quietly playing by himself and I tend to not worry about him. And then I decide it is time to see what he is up to...and more often than not, he is into something he shouldn't be!

Recently I was watching the boys in their home for a change. Brycen wandered off by himself and was very quiet. When I thought to see what he was playing with, I found him in the master bathroom, cabinet doors opened, his Mommy's make-up surrounding him, and smears of color all over his face, the floor, the cabinet, the tub...and probably a few other places I've forgotten!

Lesson learned! At least I hope I remember...that if

Brycen seems to be just a bit to quiet, it's time for Grandma to see what he has discovered now!

Doesn't he look innocent?


Dorcas said...

He has beautiful blue eyes with a hint of mischief :o) Typical little boy!!

Jenny said...

Yes, his eyes are beautiful...with "trouble" written all over them! :) {Maybe he's going to be artistic or an interior decorator... :)}

Carol said...

He looks like the devil! : ) hahah!!! That's why I love him SOOOO much!!! What cute pics!!!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious Carol! I was thinking what a little devil he can be some time! He keeps me on my toes for sure. I love him so much though, I guess I will keep him :@). Do you think Kelcie can give me some tips on his hairdo?

Yes, that night I had to go out and buy some some face powder and shadow...what a little stinker! You should see what he did to about 8 walls in my master bedroom and bath with a black eyeliner pen! I think Jenny is right...he is artistic.