Sunday, March 15, 2009


It doesn't seem that it could really be happening to me.
This week I will reach another milestone in my life--
A new decade--
Yet is seems just a few short years ago that I was a child at home
Life truely is a gift & one that we should cherish
So here is a glimpse of the very early years in my first decade...
Grandma Fulkerson & me
Looking back...
almost 60 years ago! My cousin Russ Liddell & me
notice the old metal lawn chair
(the one I sprayed watermelon pink last summer!)
My Mom & me
at my Grandma & Grandpa Brown's
I think I'm playing with a baby bunny
I love the old cellar door in the background
Johnny Payne & me
He was the Preacher's kid & we were good friends
Me & my favorite summertime fruit--Watermelon!
Lovin' another friend...Carl Mason South
We rented an apartment in their 2 story house, making for perfect playmates.
Who know that he would one day be the Mayor of Hallsville!
All 1949'ers!
Cousins....Luana, me & Cherie

My Dad & me
notice the dirty bare feet!

Luana & me
I was the oldest of the three cousins so I guess I thought I was in charge!

Notice the old metal stroller!
Grundy & me
Grundy was my favorite stuffed animal--a gray elephant with dark red ears
I had him until we moved from Hallsville in 1966
and somehow he didn't make it to Kansas.
I'm still searching the Antique Malls for another Grundy!
Chubby me
I'm not sure what I'm holding...
it almost looks like a Kewpie doll
My beautiful Mom & me
She was dark complected with dark brown hair while I was fair skinned & blonde


Karen Walden said...

Neat "old" pictures Mom! Can't believe you're going to hit #60 this week! :<

Dorcas said...

I love your pictures, Sheila!! Isn't it just amazing how fast time flies? I hope you have a wonderful birthday even if you are going into a "new" decade :o)