Monday, March 30, 2009

My favorite time of the year...

It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain

Need I say more? I have just a smidgen of spring fever!

Can't wait until time to plant annuals in my flower pots.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Faces...The Clown

Meet Mr. Mischief!

Peyton Duane is just full of himself...probably a typical 3 year old.

He also has beautiful, sparkling blue eyes that are usually twinkling with thoughts of what he can get into next!

Peyton can also be quite the clown. He has discovered that his Grandma will get quite exasperated while
trying to get a good shot with her camera. He just LOVES to make faces!

Sometimes we wait for a more opportune time as Peyton usually manages to have some sort of bump, bruise, scratch or scrape on his face. I've about decided there will always be some sort of mark on him as he always goes full speed & manages to get banged up daily!

Peyton is quite the charmer. At 3 years he already can show us that he wants to be in control. I'm learning to ignore some of his little (did I say little?) temper tantrums, & find that he soon comes around needing a hug.

Just think what it would have been if his twin would have been another boy--instead of his sweet little sister! They seem to keep each other balanced out.

We love you bunches!!!
See what I mean about getting a good picture of him???

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I recently tried to capture Brycen's many moods with my camera. Not an easy job as he doesn't stay in one place for long!

I love his eyes! They are a beautiful blue that sparkle with mischief.

Brycen is our "sneaky" one. He will be quietly playing by himself and I tend to not worry about him. And then I decide it is time to see what he is up to...and more often than not, he is into something he shouldn't be!

Recently I was watching the boys in their home for a change. Brycen wandered off by himself and was very quiet. When I thought to see what he was playing with, I found him in the master bathroom, cabinet doors opened, his Mommy's make-up surrounding him, and smears of color all over his face, the floor, the cabinet, the tub...and probably a few other places I've forgotten!

Lesson learned! At least I hope I remember...that if

Brycen seems to be just a bit to quiet, it's time for Grandma to see what he has discovered now!

Doesn't he look innocent?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brycen is 3!

A big happy birthday to Brycen Robert!
Our "baby" of the family...
and we can't believe that he is already 3 years old today!
We celebrated Saturday afternoon with a family gathering at
Johnny Carinos

Peyton & Brycen are trying to decide what to order! : )

Brycen & his Papaw
The Gangs all here!
(Bet our waiter was thrilled that we had six kids!)
I must say, they were well behaved.
A big hug for Mommy!
and then on to Brycen's house for Party Time!
Can you tell that Brycen is quite the Sponge Bob Square Pants fan?

I am amazed when I sit back and look at my little brood of grandchildren and realize how quickly they are growing up. It seems like only a few short months ago when we were rushing to the hospital to see baby Brycen.

He is the youngest. But it has been so much fun and quite the experience to see all of them grow from tiny babies, into the crawling stage and on into toddlers.
Even though we celebrated on Saturday, we wish Brycen a very happy birthday today!

Luv you a bushel and a peck...& a hug around the neck!
Gwama Sheila

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tweety & Me

My dearly, beloved hubby sent me this "tweet" little email late last night...

Tweety turns 60 this week!
So glad he shared that!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Were you there 42 years ago?

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This is a photo collage of my 18th birthday party...
which was unbelievably 42 years ago this week!
Oh dear....
Were you there?
As memory serves me, it was my first surprise party & was planned by my friend, Carolyn Cowan & my Mom.
Not everyone is pictured. I don't see Carolyn & I don't see Tom Beckham either! He was there as I remember that he and one of the other guys anonymously presented me with a humongous bra--much to my utter embarrassment!
Bob and I had been dating for about 6 weeks here, never dreaming that we would be married later that summer.
Hopefully, this will post enlarged so you can read the notes beneath the pictures. If not, I'll delete & redo!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


It doesn't seem that it could really be happening to me.
This week I will reach another milestone in my life--
A new decade--
Yet is seems just a few short years ago that I was a child at home
Life truely is a gift & one that we should cherish
So here is a glimpse of the very early years in my first decade...
Grandma Fulkerson & me
Looking back...
almost 60 years ago! My cousin Russ Liddell & me
notice the old metal lawn chair
(the one I sprayed watermelon pink last summer!)
My Mom & me
at my Grandma & Grandpa Brown's
I think I'm playing with a baby bunny
I love the old cellar door in the background
Johnny Payne & me
He was the Preacher's kid & we were good friends
Me & my favorite summertime fruit--Watermelon!
Lovin' another friend...Carl Mason South
We rented an apartment in their 2 story house, making for perfect playmates.
Who know that he would one day be the Mayor of Hallsville!
All 1949'ers!
Cousins....Luana, me & Cherie

My Dad & me
notice the dirty bare feet!

Luana & me
I was the oldest of the three cousins so I guess I thought I was in charge!

Notice the old metal stroller!
Grundy & me
Grundy was my favorite stuffed animal--a gray elephant with dark red ears
I had him until we moved from Hallsville in 1966
and somehow he didn't make it to Kansas.
I'm still searching the Antique Malls for another Grundy!
Chubby me
I'm not sure what I'm holding...
it almost looks like a Kewpie doll
My beautiful Mom & me
She was dark complected with dark brown hair while I was fair skinned & blonde

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Karen!

Happy Birthday
our dear Karen Lynn!
We had a birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse & then
Cheesecake & Candles
at our house
to celebrate Karen's big day.
Karen has always brought a lot of sunshine & laughter to our family. We have many wonderful memories of years gone by...
but are making lots more memories of fun times today!
We love you very much!
(You will have to check out the candles to see which birthday she is celebrating!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Aspirin Tin

Isn't is strange how sometimes a story told by someone else will jog your memory & something that you haven't thought of in years will come back to mind? Well, that happened to me just this week.

We are in the midst of our Spring Revival at our church. In the opening message, our evangelist told a story of a restitution he had to make from "stealing" a couple of grapes when he was a young boy.

And that put the wheels in motion...

I've always attended church. My parents were saved when I was 3 years old, therefore I have no memory of church not being part of our lives. I loved to go as a child. Maybe not just for the "church-y" part of it, but also to get to be with my friends!

Not only was Olga my 3rd cousin...she was my best friend. We loved to sit together in church, hold the hymnal together, giggle until my Dad thumped me on the back of the head, and we loved to share what was in our little purses.

One day Olga showed up with what I thought was the cutest little aspirin tin. I don't know why I admired it, but I wanted one like it! It held maybe 10 or 12 aspirin, for which I probably had no use as I was just a little girl.

As small as our town was, we did have a grocery store. Quisenberry's store was just a few blocks away from our house. And Quisenberry's had the aspirin tins that I wanted--right next to the check out counter! I don't remember if Mom was with me, if I asked her to buy me the little tin & she refused, or just why I did it. But somehow I slipped out of that old grocery store with a little aspirin tin in my small hand--unpaid for.

I remember taking it to church in my little purse, but I was ashamed of what I had done, & so afraid that either Mom or Dad would see it & ask me where it came from. I think I kept it hid in my room for a while.

Gardening time came & Dad would let us help plant the seeds & tomato plants. I found the perfect opportunity to get rid of the aspirin tin. I buried it in the freshly turned soil, down the rows where the sweet corn would grow, hopefully hiding my terrible sin away!

I think I forgot about it for a while. At least the burden was gone and I didn't have to worry about the horrid thing being found in my room.

Time past. And then it was time to turn the garden for another planting season. I remember a feeling of dread as I just knew when the man with the little garden tractor came, he was going to till up my aspirin tin! Horror of horrors if Dad found the no doubt rusty thing in the middle of his garden patch! He would wonder who buried it there & I was sure he was going to know that I was the culprit!

But the little aspirin never turned up.

And then Quisenberry's grocery store turned into Quisenberry's Hardware store so I felt a rush of relief. I didn't have to wonder if Mr. or Mrs. Quisenberry would ask me about their missing aspirin tin! And then years later the Hardware store burned & was no more.

During my childhood I was a frequent visitor at the altar at our little church & I know that sometime during those years, Jesus wiped away the sin of my stealing the little aspirin tin. Since the store wasn't there anymore, I guess I felt I was "off the hook".

More years went by. I was a married young woman, living far away from that little Missouri town, way out East in Indiana. Bob & I had gotten saved & were attending the same church we go to now and it was Revival time. I don't remember who the evangelist was, but I do remember him saying that if, when you pray, a certain thing comes to mind, then you really need to get that taken care of before you could grow spiritually. And I knew it was time to take care of the little tin box.

Shirley Dale married a young woman back in my hometown church, & it just happened that his parents were the owners of Quisenberry's grocery store, those many years ago. I decided that I needed to write to him & briefly tell him my little story. In my letter of confession--or restitution--I asked him for forgiveness & I'm pretty sure I enclosed a dollar bill to cover the cost of the little tin.

He didn't answer my letter. I've seen him a few times over the years since and he has never mentioned my letter.

And since then, I don't remember that little aspirin tin ever coming before me when I get on my knees in prayer. It's been taken care of.

I do think in later years that I shared this story with my Dad. And I've told it to a few others. I'm not sure why I'm telling it now. I do know that if is a wonderful feeling to know that the quilt is gone. Makes for a good nights sleep!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday for Amelia!

Happy 4th birthday today to our niece, Amelia Ann! She is quite the special little "princess"!
Happy Birthday Amelia! We love you very much.
For those of you who read last years post...
Amelia is still dealing with childhood diabetes. She is now on insulin, has to have her finger poked several times a day, and has highs & lows with her sugar levels. Her Mommy & Daddy are sometimes having a hard time dealing with why this has to happen to such a sweet child. What a burden for a young little girl to have to carry.
But Amelia is a trooper & is learning to deal with it herself. She will never remember it being any different.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Birds

I've had a bird feeder just outside my kitchen window for several years. I enjoy watching the birds come feed and the grandchildren love to watch them too. Sometimes I'm not too faithful in keeping the feeder filled with their favorite foods
and the birds go away for a while.

But in the last few weeks, Steve has taken an interest in bird feeding--and bird watching! He came home from either Rural King or Walmart with a new feeder & hung it out on my gazebo. And he bought an assortment of seeds, some that I never bothered with.

The birds love him! Since Steve has been put in charge of the bird feeding around here, we have all kinds of feathered friends flocking to our feeders. The gazebo is just far enough away from the house that it attracts more birds. And now the variety of seeds Steve is putting out, is attracting all varieties! We now have four feeders, plus a blue bird nesting house.

The ever present sparrows are always flittering around, shooing off some of the prettier birds. Some mornings the finches completely take command. The
beautiful cardinals are often seen, both male & female. And for two days last week, two male cardinals played a game of chasing each other all over the yard all day long, evidently in a territorial or mating match! Not sure who won that one!

There have been nuthatches, tufted titmouse, mourning doves, a red headed woodpecker, possibly an oriole!, and beautiful bluebirds!

Just imagine the three of us, sitting at the kitchen table, passing around the binoculars, grabbing our bird-identifying booklets, and trying to figure out who's who out there on our feeders! I had to laugh the other day when I realized what we were doing. Is this what you do when you get old?

But danger lurks. Last week I saw a Cooper's hawk sitting high up in one of our trees. Thankfully, he flew away and hasn't been seen since. I was horrified to read that he feeds on birds at feeders!
Then there is that pesky pair of squirrels that absolutely love the taste of bird seed too! They are often spotted skittering around, feeding off of the left overs that the birds scatter. The brave one climbs my gazebo, dangles upside down to his favorite food, & sucks the feeder dry in just a matter of a few minutes. That is when I hear the back door slam & out goes Steve, with a ball in hand, trying to nail a squirrel! So far, Mr. Squirrel has been faster on his feet.
And just this morning I spotted our neighbors huge cat sneaking out to the gazebo and hiding in the grasses. For a while there were no birds at the feeders so hopefully Mr. Cat was spotted & reported to the bird watchouts!
My thin-blooded, Californian brother has decided to fly the coop himself for a few days. He is traveling south to find warmer weather, & hopefully a fishing hole or two. For now, he has left me in charge of the birds.
I'll be busy the next few days with my bird duties. I'm just hoping I don't have to kill myself a cat!