Friday, February 27, 2009


Front row: my brother Steve & cousin Cheri
Back row: Cousins Luana & Philip & me
(notice that I had a fever blister even back then!)
I have a new toy! Thanks to Annette, she found a handy dandy gadget that lets us convert our slides to a digital file. It's a miracle!

For several years I have been so aggrevated that most of my kids growing up years are stored on 35mm slide film. I've checked into having them converted to digital files before & it was just too expensive. But now I can do it myself! Thank you very much, Annette!

Bob & I personally have about 20 boxes of slides stored away. Then when my parents passed away, I ended up carting their 20 plus boxes to my house. I've already sat in this supposedly comfortably padded computer chair until my bottom side has gone numb! And that was just going through one box!

But I'm determined to get to work on these things right away, before the weather warms up too much, or it will be another project put aside. Some of these pictures have been long forgotten. I'm sure there will be a lot of surprises as I go along.
The Brown Family-B.C. (before Carol Jean!)

Wish me luck! Anybody got an extra thick cushion?


Nettie's Nook said...

Sheila I'm so GLAD that you are having fun going down memory lane. I gather from reading that it must not be too conplicated. I still have yet to get mine out of the box. Enjoy and post more I want to see them.. Especially of you & Bobby Jean..

Karen Walden said...

Just don't go scanning those boxes of Holy Land pictures! HA! Remember how you'd put people to sleep watching those things!!! :)