Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy 22nd Anniversary to the Wheelers!
What could be more romantic than a wedding on Valentine's Day!
That is exactly what Carol & Garry chose & it was indeed a romantic day.
There were roses, hearts, greenery & white tulle that made the church & reception beautiful.

My beautiful sister, Carol Jean!

Garry & his Groomsmen
Larry (Garry's twin brother), the handsome groom, & his brother Fred
Kevin Grabil, Will Russell, Jeff, Garry's nephew(I forget which one!) Steve (our brother) & Larry Riggs

Carol & her Bridesmaids (& one old matron!)
Karen, me, Carol & her flower girl Tammy Beckham, Sharon Kramer,
Liz Wheeler (Garry's sister) & Fran (Carol's friend)

The reception was lovely, done in red roses & hearts.
Mr. Romantic even whisked Carol away on a honeymoon to Austria!
Just think, Carol....3 more years & we you will be celebrating a Silver One!
Happy Anniversary & Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Karen Walden said...

Well, I forgot this was their special day!!! Happy Anniversary Garry and Carol!!! Hope you don't have too long of a wait at a restaurant!!!

Carol said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! Who on earth are those babies??? We sure have aged in 22 years! Can you believe I've been married for 1/2 my life? I've been hanging out with the old guy for MORE than 1/2 my life! It's a good thing he's such a great guy!

Thanks for the sweet post, Sis! I'll never be able to keep up with you!

We had a great weekend being semi-away!

Angie Davis said...

Aw, such a pretty bride! Happy anniversary, Carol. :o)