Monday, February 23, 2009

Florida Sunshine-Part Two

And we are off on Part Two of our Sunshine Adventure! Bob knows if there is a Lighthouse in the area, he might as well start driving in that direction. After leaving Ormond Beach, we headed south on Hwy A1A to Ponce Inlet, the southern most point near Daytona Beach.

At the Inlet sits the beautifully restored Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. It has been a beacon along the eastern coastline since 1887 & is the tallest lighthouse in Florida.
We browsed in the gift shop, took a few pictures, & decided against climbing the 194 iron steps to the top of the 175 foot tower. I've climbed the one on Jupiter Island...and that was enough for me!
We wanted to see the Gulf Coast so drove on to Tampa/St. Petersburg area. There we saw some gorgeous homes, miles & miles of hotel-condos-townhouses with tourists everywhere. The Gulf area was beautiful but maybe just a little bit too populated with tourists!
It was a warm, beautiful day so we decided to do a little beach combing.
Bob just LOVES to pose for me!
Later that afternoon we decided to drive across the Causeway towards Bradenton. On our left side was Tampa Bay and on our right side was the Gulf of Mexico. A beautiful drive. Notice the steep incline up the bridgeway!
On top of the Causeway And look what I spotted as we drove through Bradenton!
You can't go to Florida & be in the sunshine without having ice cream!We actually had lunch first & topped it off with their delicious frozen custard.I was about to pop after devouring a to-die-for Concrete of vanilla custard with raspberries, blackberries & blueberries!
If you are ever in Bradenton or Sarasota--look for Sweetberries! Mmmmmm
Doing a few of my favorite things...
Sitting in the sunshine
-talking on my cell phone (just happened to be Mary Jane!)
-eating a Concrete!
On our last day we did a little shopping & went back to Downtown Disney.
Every time I go in this entrance I have to snap a picture of their never ending display of seasonal flowers. I had been there a few days earlier, just after their freezing temperatures, & the flowers were wilted. But leave it to Disney to replace everything quickly. It looked like Springtime in Indiana!
Bob has a weakness for skinny blondes with their hair down.
(Sorry about his long lost luck!)
And I found a skinny boyfriend!
Our last big spree was at Orlando's Mall at Millenia.
Fortunately for Bob, we had very little space left in our luggage!

This humongous Mall was anchored with a Macy's, Neiman Marcus, & Bloomindales. Now I know where to go while Bob is car-showing...
Bob splurged & finally bought himself a pair of quality sunglasses. It had been years since he had any other than an old prescription pair. He wears contact lenses so can gets the luxury of nice sunglasses. (I get the snap-on granny ones!)

We ended our day-& vacation-with a late afternoon lunch at Mimi's Cafe.

Then it was off to catch our flight back to Indiana. We had a great vacation but as aways, I was happy to be back home!


Peggy B. said...

Looks like so much fun. But I think I will pass on that bridge. You can ask Jenny, they scare me to death. :)

Jenny said...

Yes, I would NOT want to go on that bridge either...especially with my Mother! :)

I'm going to tell Bro. Shockley that he needs to be investigating the Thompson's and their newly found significant others.

Sheila said...

I have to admit that I was a wee bit glad when we got close to the other side! But if you look at the map, it beats driving way around the coastline! least I found a skinny guy. :)

Karen Walden said...

I see that Dad was smiling in the pic with Sleeping Beauty, not so much in the pics on the beach! :)

Florida looks beautiful and I'd love to go there!!!

Dorcas said...

The Tampa area is so pretty! We've been there several times because that's where our son is stationed in the Air Force! I love crossing the Causeway as you can see for miles. I'll be going there in just a few hours myself!! I can't wait for some warmer weather as it was down to 9 degrees here this morning.

Sheila said...

Have fun Dorcas! Hope you don't encounter any weather breaking temperatures while you are there. :)

Denise said...

Your vacation looks like it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! All that bright sunshine and the beautiful flowers, etc..... I'm jealous! :) Glad you had a fun time!