Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Florida Sunshine-Part One...

Bob & I left Indiana in the deep freeze, a brisk 9 degrees above zero. Brrrrr!

We arrived in Orlando on Wednesday evening to find out they were under a severe freeze warning, with the possibilty of setting record low temperatures. Ya might know... Well, we awoke to a frigid 27 degrees on Thursday. Flowers drooped. Palm trees looked frost bitten. The grass turned brown. Welcome to Florida in February!
But it got better. In just a couple of days the temperatures climbed up in the 60's, 70's & later even in the low 80's. For the most part it was perfect sun shiny weather. And I did nothing but relax and it was wonderful!
Have any of you ever been to the town that Disney built? If not, you must wander over there. Celebration is tucked off of the busy highway & it is like stepping back in time. I wish I had taken pictures of some of the adorable houses. If I was ever to live in Florida, this just might be the place I would choose.
I took a morning to wander up and down the streets & into some of the shops in Celebration. Most were out of my comfort zone as far a spending, so I was "just looking".
One chilly afternoon I thought the shops at Downtown Disney might be a warm place to be so spent a little time there. But I kept thinking about the vacation we had almost two years ago with some of the grandkids in tow & I got homesick for them. I wished I had all six of them there with me. At least for just a little while!
The boys would have loved this shop & I'm sure if they were along I wouldn't have walked out empty handed.
In these shops I was wishing for Kerrigan & Paige! They would have loved to pick out an outfit, have their hair done & been sprinkled with pixy dust. I could just see both of them all dressed up...
Disney definitely knows how to tug on your purse strings. Fortunately I had mine tied in a double knot before I stepped into this shop!
As I was snapping pictures of the eye catching displays, I looked up to see this guy snapping one of me. You never know who's watching!
When I went back out into the sunshine I found Mrs. Lego Lady snapping pictures also!This friendly Lego dragon has been in this lake for years!
Sunday morning we headed out of Orlando towards Daytona Beach. We drove right past the Speedway. Of course I didn't think to take a picture there either as we whizzed by.
We spent a couple of hours driving along the coast. I love the ocean & if it had been warmer, I might have made Bob take a walk with me. But in spite of the sunshine, the temperatures were still on the chilly side.
On to Steve & Suzanne's for two nights. Here Suzanne is preparing a delicious meal for us on Sunday evening. Suzanne is English & cooks a little different than I do but we love her food! For dessert we had Plum Pudding with custard sauce & I loved it.
Bob & Steve are both builders. Therefore, they never lack for something to talk about! Steve always takes Bob around to show him his projects. Once again...I failed to take pics of the houses! One job is a remodel project right on the beach at Daytona and the view from their living room was breath taking. Another project was a new home on the Intercoastal Waterway & the view there was almost as beautiful as the ocean. Kind of makes you want to move--until you hear of the Million Dollar prices!

This is the bridge across the Halifax River at Ormond Beach, which is the Intercoastal Waterway. Beautiful area!

It was good to visit with Steve & Suzanne "one on one". We seldom get to visit other than in a large family gathering & once in a while it is nice to just sit & catch up on our life happenings. Thanks for a great visit! Now you have to come to Indiana. : )


Anonymous said...

Hey we are up for a trip to Disney next year...what do ya say Walden's! It may be crazy with all of us but the kids will be old enough so they all can enjoy! Disneyworld won't know what hit them after we have been there :@)! We just have to talk Papaw into it....we will sick the grandkids on him!!

Jeff and April

Sheila said...

Sounds like a plan to me! Better start saving our pennies...

Dorcas said...

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing trip! I love those kind of vacations and not when you come home so exhausted it takes you days to get rested up again :o)