Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amaryllis Surprise!

I'm not a "bulb" gardener.

My intentions are good & I always dream of planting massive beds of daffodils or tulips. And sometimes I actually find myself in the garden centers at the right time & will fill my cart up with bulbs. But they end up in my garden wagon, get push aside & are forgotten, usually to be found wasted away come Spring.

This year I just couldn't pass up the amaryllis bulbs so bought a couple of packages. And not to disappoint myself, I did the usual & forgot to pot them.

In January I discovered the bulbs still in their Lowes bag (no wonder I didn't see them!) so decided to find out what would happen if I actually did "just add water" as directed.

Much to my surprise, & delight, in just a few days green sprouts began to appear. I tried to remember to faithfully water them.

After we got home from our trip I was startled to see a very long stem full of buds about to burst open. And in just a few days this gorgeous amaryllis appeared. The companion one is growing along beside it so I'm hoping to soon be doubly surprised!

I'm not kidding you when I say all I did was "just add water". There was a small fiber disk in the pot which expanded & filled the pot with "soil" when wet. It couldn't have been easier.

Already, I'm making plans to load up my cart next year & hope to have a beautiful display of amarylis in bloom...this time for Christmas instead of the end of February.

Spring is coming girls! Get your shovels, rakes, knee pads out. I'll race you outdoors!


Peggy B. said...

Those are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that sounds like something right up my alley! Just add water, huh? I may be asking more advice from you when I go to tackle the landscaping around here. I only hope mine turns out beautiful as what yours does every year! I hope to someday master the "Green Thumb" lol.

Sheila said...

You can do it April! But it does take some blood, sweat & tears. A lot of mine needs redone as I tend to overdo it. (Keep that in mind when I'm loading up your wagon at Lowe's!)

I can't wait for Spring!

Tricia G. said...

Now that is my kind of gardening...of course I generally forget to add the water (lol). I can't wait til spring though to get outside and plant some flowers anyway!

Kent said...
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Beth Stetler said...

Those amaryllis are beautiful!