Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whoopie for 2009!!!

Hope you were able to drag yourselves out of bed this morning to greet this New Year! I had company coming for a bowl of their yearly vegetable soup so I had to rise & shine fairly early.

After a Cracker Barrel supper last night, we had a quiet evening around the house, and somehow I was the only one that saw the stroke of midnight! I was glad to stay up & see the clock tick past the last few seconds in 2008 & flip my new calendar over to '09. But much to my dismay, I discovered early today that I have not been calendar shopping yet. (I thought sure I had one stuck around here somewhere...) Oh well, maybe they will now be on sale.

Our kids & grandkids arrived early afternoon for vegetable & broccoli cheese soup. We Hoosiers HAVE to eat our cabbage on New Years Day so we will have a prosperous New Year. Any of you have a tradition like that? (As a young girl growing up in Missouri, I remember the tradition being black-eyed peas....yuck!)
The kids table...mac 'n cheese & little smokies!
Uncle Steve was the hit of the day. Since we dined at Cracker Barrel last night, he just happened to purchase....much to the delight of the grandkids...WHOOPIE CUSHIONS! And what a whoopie of a time they had! Carter ended up plopping down on his so hard that he had a blow out, but thanks to some gray furnace tape, repairs were made. We were "delighted" to hear all kinds of embarrassing noises coming from those things, and were finally glad when the new wore off. I do have video footage but decided not to post the disgusting things my sweet little grandkiddies were doing...

and this little pirate arrived asleep so had a late lunch by himself...
Other than that, we had a quiet day of visiting (except for a few snores that escaped from a certain son-in-law) and relaxing, enjoying just being together. In a few more days all will be back to work, two of the kids will be back in school, and the rat race of life will be in full swing.

May 2009 bring better things our way and may you all have a good New Year!



Carol said...

Looks like a TON of fun! Wish we could have been there... : (

Angie Davis said...

A whoopie cushion turned up around here yesterday too! After its second blowout, I "ran out" of tape. :o)

Jamie said...

Hi Sheila, my mom will be excited to get back in touch with you I am sure. I will make sure she sees your blog when she returns.

Dorcas said...

A Happy New Year to you!! I wish I could've dragged myself out of bed yesterday. I ended up sick in bed the entire day exce[t for about 3 hours in the late afternoon but that was all. What a way to spend New Year's Day :o)

Sheila said... would have cracked up at Parker & Carter!

Angie...isn't it amazing how our kids are so happy with such inexpensive things?

Jamie...I'd love to hear from her!!!

Dorcas...hope you are feeling better. Not a fun way to spend New Years Day.

brian7 said...

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