Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Winter finally hit us full blast sometime in the night & this is the view I awakened to this morning. It was a beautiful snow cover, between 4-6 inches of the fluffy white stuff!
Even my thin-blooded, California transplanted brother had to admit that it was pretty. (Those are his footprints...making a trip for the morning newspaper. :)
We hear there is another storm headed our way so we are bracing for another heavy storm tonight.
The snow even made my dreary patio look pretty! And it made me see some things I neglected to get in out of the winter weather this year too.
Bob had to rise & shine early as he clears our street, which is a long private drive that the county always bypasses, and then he headed for Menards to clear their parking lot. He left about 5a.m. for several hours work. After coming home to warm up a bit & have an early lunch, he hit the road again to clear off some of the neighbors driveways. If the weather man is correct, Bob will no doubt be out and about early in the morning also.
Since I didn't leave the house yesterday & am snowed in today, I will no doubt have a case of cabin fever before the weekend! We are planning a Florida trip next week...& the Sunshine State is sounding better all of the time.
Keep warm...


Karen Walden said...

That has to be a lot of fun for Dad! Especially since he's enclosed in a cabin! I wouldn't like to get up during the night to do it though! Just think...he's making some spending money for your Florida trip!!! ;)

Carol said...

We need a pretty snow like that in Kansas. So far, we have not had a snow day. Kylie said the new Shawnee Mission School District superintendent is from North Dakota. He thinks he's living in the South! : )