Thursday, January 29, 2009


I love this picture of my Mom & her sister Hazel

It would have been taken on their old "home place", just outside of Hallsville on the family farm. My Mom is the little girl petting the little lamb. Hazel is holding the doll. Notice the little chair beside Hazel, evidently for their doll.

Hazel was about 4 years older than Mom. When she was a very small girl she began to have seizures. She was a special little girl in the way that all of her brothers & sisters watched out for her, making sure when she had "one of her spells", she didn't injure herself. Later in life Hazel was diagnosed with epilepsy and was able to take medication for it.

It has only been in later years that I remember this picture, and I've always been amazed that the bigger sister was willing to play dolls outdoors with her baby sister. No doubt there was a special bond between them.


Mom & Hazel...the day of their double wedding


Carol said...

One of my all time favorite pictures as well. Great post, Sis!!

Carol said...

...and imagine how much different our lives would be if we were only 4 years apart!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that's some food for thought! : )

Sheila said... you would be in your upper 50's! ;) Ha!!! Or maybe I would be in my lower 40s!

I love having you as a much younger sister. Yet we missed out on all of that playing with dolls, growing up together thing, didn't we. I think it's worked out just fine though, don't you?

Carol said...

I COMPLETELY agree!! It has worked out just fine! i think it would have been weird to have played together! I LIKE things JUST AS THEY ARE! I think life would have been all messed up if you and I had played dolls together. I like us "as-is".