Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Favorite Son-In-Law!

Happy 33rd birthday to "our favorite son-in-law". Well...I guess that could go either way as he is our ONLY son-in-law!
Jonathan has been around our family for a long time. He started hanging out here being Jeff's best friend. I remember that even though Karen was just a little older than him, she always managed to get right in the middle of whatever Jeff & Jonathan were up to. (Ask him how she used to flip them over her shoulder!)
As the years went by, Jonathan & Jeff remained best friends, but romance bloomed & he finally reached dating age & Jonathan & Karen officially became a couple.
Jonathan really is a great guy...easy going, comical, and just sort of balances out the craziness in our family. Now if we could just get him to wear that C-pap machine, he might be close to perfect! He is a great dad to his 3 kids, in spite of about being ready to give them away after his extended holiday vacation with them, playing the part of Mr. Mom. And he is a good provider & wonderful husband for our favorite daughter! (Good thing we just had 2 kids!)
I'm sure he will enjoy his birthday with his little family & will be relieved we didn't make a big deal about his big day. Happy Birthday, Ole man! (Karen
started it!)


Karen Walden said...

What a good lookin' man I married! :)

Angie Davis said...

That old boy is just hilarious. You're gonna have to keep him!