Friday, January 30, 2009

A hair raising story...

I cannot believe that I am actually sharing this old photo with you! The creature with the cat-eye glasses & brush rollers is me. And the lady with the smile is Mom! There were many nights when we would spend a little quality time together, reading, looking at catalogs, or trying to talk above the whirr of the hairdryer while we dried our hair before bedtime.

For some of you much younger have no idea what we went through to be beautiful...way back then. : )

My hair was naturally oily so I had to shampoo every day. And so every night before bedtime, I had to wash my hair, curl it, & sit under the hair dryer for about an hour. Otherwise I would have a soggy mess come morning time! Most nights the noise of the hairdryer put me to sleep. I wore out more than one hairdryer by over drying my curls! It is a wonder I didn't set my bed ablaze.

I remember getting my first set of electric rollers. It was a new found freedom, because it meant that I could get up early enough to do my hair without having to sleep on those terrible brush rollers! I remember dreading the shampoo ritual after coming home late on a Saturday night from a date. Many nights I went to sleep with that hairdryer humming a lullaby.

Bob & I had been married a few years when I discovered the luxury of electric rollers. Bob absolutely hated my curlers & nightly ritual so was a very happy man when he found out I didn't have to come to bed anymore looking like I was someone from outer space!

Thank goodness for hot rollers & hair dryers! Otherwise, I'd never be able to leave the house until the middle of the afternoon. Ahhhh...ain't life good?

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I love this picture of my Mom & her sister Hazel

It would have been taken on their old "home place", just outside of Hallsville on the family farm. My Mom is the little girl petting the little lamb. Hazel is holding the doll. Notice the little chair beside Hazel, evidently for their doll.

Hazel was about 4 years older than Mom. When she was a very small girl she began to have seizures. She was a special little girl in the way that all of her brothers & sisters watched out for her, making sure when she had "one of her spells", she didn't injure herself. Later in life Hazel was diagnosed with epilepsy and was able to take medication for it.

It has only been in later years that I remember this picture, and I've always been amazed that the bigger sister was willing to play dolls outdoors with her baby sister. No doubt there was a special bond between them.


Mom & Hazel...the day of their double wedding

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow...Day 2!

And this is what greeted this on Day Two of our snow storm!

The sleet began yesterday afternoon & continued all night, until the early hours of the morning. Bob once again had to leave the house early, around 4 a.m. this morning. It was still sleeting when he left but the snow began falling around 4:30 a.m. Another 4 inches on top of what we already had makes a grand total of about 10 inches on the ground with a thick layer of ice sandwiched in between. It has been over 9 hours since Bob left, and he is still out pushing snow!
School's were cancelled and Jonathan decided to work from home today. I'm taking advantage & doing much needed ironing--between trips to my computer to catch up on the latest world happenings! :( Duh...I'd get a lot more accomplished if I would just shut this thing down.

The view from my family room...

This will give you an idea of just how much snow there really is! Steve's car was completely covered and beneath the snow as a think coating of ice. He couldn't even get his car doors opened! But the sun is shining, he is scraping ice, & hopefully all will begin thawing soon.
So much for our Indiana sunshine!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Winter finally hit us full blast sometime in the night & this is the view I awakened to this morning. It was a beautiful snow cover, between 4-6 inches of the fluffy white stuff!
Even my thin-blooded, California transplanted brother had to admit that it was pretty. (Those are his footprints...making a trip for the morning newspaper. :)
We hear there is another storm headed our way so we are bracing for another heavy storm tonight.
The snow even made my dreary patio look pretty! And it made me see some things I neglected to get in out of the winter weather this year too.
Bob had to rise & shine early as he clears our street, which is a long private drive that the county always bypasses, and then he headed for Menards to clear their parking lot. He left about 5a.m. for several hours work. After coming home to warm up a bit & have an early lunch, he hit the road again to clear off some of the neighbors driveways. If the weather man is correct, Bob will no doubt be out and about early in the morning also.
Since I didn't leave the house yesterday & am snowed in today, I will no doubt have a case of cabin fever before the weekend! We are planning a Florida trip next week...& the Sunshine State is sounding better all of the time.
Keep warm...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kerrigan!

Happy Birthday, Kerrigan!We celebrated Kerrigan's birthday today, a couple of days early.

She is growing up to be such a sweet little lady!!!

We love you very much, Kerrigan Deanna! It was pizza party time!
For some reason, Kerrigan loves Siberian Huskies!

This is a "cupcake" cake...looking like her favorite dog.
Jeff...the official ice cream server
and April...getting ready to serve the cake
The birthday girl!
Not only was Kerrigan having a pizza party...
she was also having several friends for a slumber party.
No sleep on Pawnee Trail tonight!
Carter & Paige...tooting their party horns Brycen...checking out his goodie bag
windy Peyton

Parker & his Papaw...

The girls were having a grand, giggly time...

It is fun to watch the kids interact with their little friends.

Jeff had already decided the girls could just go to the family room on the lower level & giggle all night if they wanted long as he didn't hear them upstairs!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reconnecting in Tennessee!

Last week Bob, Steve & I made a trip to Nashville to see "Steve's girls"! It had been a long time since we had all been together, lots of life's events had taken place in each of our lives, but it was good to get together once again. All three girls came to Karen's wedding---way back in 1996!--and we had seen Susan at Mom & Dad's funeral's. We had all changed in many ways, but we just sort of reconnected like we had never been apart. It was so good to be with them once again!Susan lives near Franklin, Tennessee, one of my favorite small towns in the South! It is just south of Nashville, in the rolling hills of the countryside, full of Civil War history & quaint little shops. I'd been there before, so this time decided not to bore the men with waiting while I browsed. Instead we toured the countryside. The area is full of beautiful homes, some dating before the Civil War, some new & the size of mansions!
We had lunch in "The Factory". The Jamison Mattress Factory was in production here for years. Now this is full of shops & cafes. We found one that the guys agreed too. Bob had his burger while I had my quiche! Susan & I did get to go through a few shops while Bob went to hose the salt off or our car from our trip down here. Steve gladly sat & waited for us.
Here we are perched up on a humongous rocker. I was hoping it would make me look small...but it doesn't look like it worked!
After our tour of Franklin, we enjoyed visiting at Susan's house where we became acquainted with little Miss Emma! Grrrrrrr! She wasn't too sure at first about us, but finally decided we were fine as long as she was allowed to snuggle up close by. Steve made a friend!
Karin Jean & her family live nearby, so after school was out, they came by for a visit. And you can see from this picture why I fell instantly in love with little Ciara! She is a real sweetheart for sure!
And Ciara fell instantly in love with Steve! He thought for sure that Karin had put Ciara up to buddying up with him. But I told him that her reaction wasn't planned...she just thought he might be the Grandpa she needed in her life! So....whether he wants to admit it or's Grandpa Steve!
(hope he forgets to read this post.....)
Lorinda, the youngest, came after work to get reacquainted & to go out for dinner. Lorinda is a teacher, teaching preschool aged children with Autism. I thoroughly admire her for the work she has to do! And, Lorinda & hubby are expecting a baby girl, due in March! And...Lorinda is a Walden!!! Wonder if there is a connection...... (Dinner was at Famous Dave's Barbecue. Yum!!!)
After touring Nashville on Friday, we met up with Karin & her family again.
We were able to visit for a while at our hotel, then headed to one of my favorite hang outs...Cracker Barrel! Jeremiah, Steve & Ciara at Cracker Barrel
Here is Karin Jean's family...Ciara, Jeremiah, Karin, & Branden
And this is something I admired at Susan's house. For a Mother's Day gift, Susan had the little red dress framed, with a photo of each of the little girls wearing it. The pictures below it are about the age the 3 girls were when they came in our lives. Ciara is on the right end. I remember one of them wearing that little red dress...probably Lorinda.
We had a very enjoyable couple of days. Steve was so glad we went to see the girls & he loved Nashville. With it just being a 4 hour drive away, I'm pretty sure we'll see them again before too many months! Who knows....we may just have to go see that new baby one of these days!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Double Trouble Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Paige & Peyton...our 3 year old twins!

It has been so much fun to watch these babies grow from infants to the three year old toddlers they are now, watching their personalities develop, seeing how different they are, yet sometimes very much alike.
Although just a few minutes older, Peyton already has assumed the role of being a protective big brother. He always wants to know where his "Paige-ee" is & wants to make sure she is alright. He might fight & fuss with her all day, but he doesn't want anyone else picking on his little sister!

And it has been fun to watch Paige develop into a sweet, prissy little girl! She absolutely loves anything pink, purple or frilly! She definitely is into "pretty". That has to definitely be something born into her as her brothers have no desire for anything "girly". In fact, Peyton will say "I hate girls!"...of course Paige being his exception.

I'm sure their Mommy & Daddy will never forget those nights of double duty bottle feeding, diaper changing, & floor walking!

But those smiles & giggles made it all worth while.

It's hard to believe that they are already 3...

Happy Birthday Babies!

...not sure how long they will let Grandma call them that...

We love you very much!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Favorite Son-In-Law!

Happy 33rd birthday to "our favorite son-in-law". Well...I guess that could go either way as he is our ONLY son-in-law!
Jonathan has been around our family for a long time. He started hanging out here being Jeff's best friend. I remember that even though Karen was just a little older than him, she always managed to get right in the middle of whatever Jeff & Jonathan were up to. (Ask him how she used to flip them over her shoulder!)
As the years went by, Jonathan & Jeff remained best friends, but romance bloomed & he finally reached dating age & Jonathan & Karen officially became a couple.
Jonathan really is a great guy...easy going, comical, and just sort of balances out the craziness in our family. Now if we could just get him to wear that C-pap machine, he might be close to perfect! He is a great dad to his 3 kids, in spite of about being ready to give them away after his extended holiday vacation with them, playing the part of Mr. Mom. And he is a good provider & wonderful husband for our favorite daughter! (Good thing we just had 2 kids!)
I'm sure he will enjoy his birthday with his little family & will be relieved we didn't make a big deal about his big day. Happy Birthday, Ole man! (Karen
started it!)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whoopie for 2009!!!

Hope you were able to drag yourselves out of bed this morning to greet this New Year! I had company coming for a bowl of their yearly vegetable soup so I had to rise & shine fairly early.

After a Cracker Barrel supper last night, we had a quiet evening around the house, and somehow I was the only one that saw the stroke of midnight! I was glad to stay up & see the clock tick past the last few seconds in 2008 & flip my new calendar over to '09. But much to my dismay, I discovered early today that I have not been calendar shopping yet. (I thought sure I had one stuck around here somewhere...) Oh well, maybe they will now be on sale.

Our kids & grandkids arrived early afternoon for vegetable & broccoli cheese soup. We Hoosiers HAVE to eat our cabbage on New Years Day so we will have a prosperous New Year. Any of you have a tradition like that? (As a young girl growing up in Missouri, I remember the tradition being black-eyed peas....yuck!)
The kids table...mac 'n cheese & little smokies!
Uncle Steve was the hit of the day. Since we dined at Cracker Barrel last night, he just happened to purchase....much to the delight of the grandkids...WHOOPIE CUSHIONS! And what a whoopie of a time they had! Carter ended up plopping down on his so hard that he had a blow out, but thanks to some gray furnace tape, repairs were made. We were "delighted" to hear all kinds of embarrassing noises coming from those things, and were finally glad when the new wore off. I do have video footage but decided not to post the disgusting things my sweet little grandkiddies were doing...

and this little pirate arrived asleep so had a late lunch by himself...
Other than that, we had a quiet day of visiting (except for a few snores that escaped from a certain son-in-law) and relaxing, enjoying just being together. In a few more days all will be back to work, two of the kids will be back in school, and the rat race of life will be in full swing.

May 2009 bring better things our way and may you all have a good New Year!