Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wanna buy a slightly used worthless tree?

My new...just this year...first time decorated tree---

I've been too exhausted to even think about posting the happenings of our Christmas Day. But it was a good one! Of course we all bought too much, spent too much time shopping & stressing ourselves out, but just watching the children open their gifts, made it worth the effort! We found out it doesn't take expensive gifts to please them.
We finally remembered to do a family group photo
before the chaos of gift opening began.
Thanks, Photographer Steve!
I've actually begun the dreaded task of taking down all of the decorations. When I turned the Christmas tree lights on this morning, much to my dismay, my brand new tree had a burned out section of lights smack dab in the middle of it. I had notice a guarantee on the box, so tore into the task of un-decorating (remind me why I love to collect all of those ornaments!) as Bob volunteered to return the tree to M- - - - - - ...that big store at the bottom of our hill! Well, it seems that they don't accept "used" items for returns, even though the box plainly states "a two year warranty" now we have to deal with the manufacturer. Wanna take any bets that I don't get another tree?

Just where did we loose control???

We USED to take turns opening each gift...

but somewhere this year that tradition flew out the window!

I'm just glad the pre-lite tree cooperated enough to stay lighted until AFTER Christmas. If the company refuses to replace my beautiful tree, I'm going to yank every string of lights off of it and then I'll have a naked one! Anybody want to come help???

More pics of the kids to follow...maybe, one of these days!

Uncle Steve...our handy dandy picture taking man!


Dorcas said...

That's a very good family picture!! I always think it's so important to take pictures!! And for your tree ~ I feel your frustration. Last year right before Thanksgiving I bought a 2 1/2 foot tree to decorate in red, white & blue for our son who is in the Air Force and wouldn't be coming home for Christmas. The same exact thing happened to me only I'd say about 3/4 of the lights quit working. There was a 3year guarantee and Kmart said it was the manufacturer's problem. So, I contacted the Martha Stewart Co. and they said it was Kmart's problem. I went back and forth so much so that my husband said to just throw it out. The German in me said no way as it's almost new and has this warranty. The manufacturer of course went out of business in the meantime. Finally, Kmart came through and replaced my tree with a more expensive one right before Christmas!! Good 'ole Kmart has come through once again!

Sheila said...

Dorcas...This is my second pre-lighted tree to bite the dust. The first one came from Hobby Lobby & worked fine the first year. The second year we put it up, the middle second wouldn't work. Of course it just had a 1 year warranty! I used it for 3 years, fighting the light problem. This one came from Menards & I thought they would stand behind their products. I know they have to have a policy guideline. And I'm not looking for the manufacturer to do anything about it. I've learned my lesson--I think!

Dorcas said...

I read on someone's blog that she had a huge prelighted tree that did the same thing. She didn't want to get rid of it, so she spent 10 hours cutting all of the lights out of it just so she could continue to use the tree. I would NOT go to that extent :o)) There is a limit!! haha!!

Jenny said...

Well, that's annoying!

Katressa said...

my tree wasnt prelit but 2 days before christmas the lights went out

Karen Walden said...

Ours has 3 patches of lights that went out this year too! It was our 3rd year for this tree! Jonathan says he's going to cut the lights off of this one, but I can't see him spending 10 hours doing it! :)