Monday, December 29, 2008

The Thompson Family Christmas

Do you think the crew at Red Lobster freaked out when 21 of the Thompson clan walked in for a Christmas meal? Ahhhhhh....maybe next year we should call ahead! The two waiters we had did an excellent job & the manager seemed happy that we were there. No doubt!
Bob and his Dad...
looking more alike everyday! Mom & Vickie
The Best's & Little Miss Sunshine!
...not sure what was up with Paige's frowny face :( The far end of our table...
Paige, Steve, Jason, Kevin & Kevin Meredith
good hair looks florescent yellow!
Karen had to work that day but got off in time to join us
Parker, Carter (swigging down a Root Beer!)
& Jeff

Brycen & April... Somehow Jeff & April always seem to get "stuck"

at the kids table. Carter had a ball keeping Peyton laughing!

Amelia & Rebekah...Amelia is diabetic & it broke our hearts when she had to get her insulin shot after her meal. But she is a trooper about it!

I do have one picture of Jonathan....but Karen is in it & she made me promise not to post it! (It was a close up...)

We chose the night it decided to drop to about 4 degrees & we about froze in the parking lot!

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Dorcas said...

It's so nice to be with family, isn't it? Especially at Christmas time!