Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Missouri

Christmas 1961
And then there are all of those memories of Christmas' past in our little hometown of Hallsville, Missouri.
This particular one was when I was 12 years old & my brother had just turned 10. I thought I was too old to play with dolls, yet still wanted one.
I probably saw her in a Montgomery Wards, Sears Roebuck or Spiegel catalog. Mom did a lot of Christmas shopping from the catalogs as we were 12 miles from Columbia & only shopped there on the weekends. I remember wearing those pages out, looking & looking at what I might want to put on my Christmas list. That particular year my wish happened to be for "Poor Pitiful Pearl"!
I still have her! She came with a raggedy dress along with a party dress. The party dress is long gone, but Pearl still wears her "poor" dress, minus her red head scarf. I never played with her much but somehow kept her these many years. Looking back, I have no idea why in the world I wanted that ugly little doll!
If you look real close, you will see that I also got a scrapbook album! I remember putting old pictures in that album & writing captions with white ink on the black pages. So, I'm an old timer at scrapbooking! Wish I still had that album...
And it looks like Steve had a good Christmas that year too! He was proud of his BB gun, helmet & shoulder pads, metal truck, & a target game that we loved to play! It was a metal sign with a chicken on it & if you hit the target with the rubber suction cup "bullet", the hen would lay an egg!
Steve & I would be awake way before dawn, trying to get Mom & Dad up early to open our gifts! Dad would make us go back to bed several times & then would finally give in & let us get up to see what Santa had brought.
Happy memories of years gone by...


Carol said...

What a great picture! (you and Steve look look quite a bit alike).

I'm sure I drove Mom and Dad nuts on Christmas morning too, but it was only me then. You and Steve look like you were double trouble! : )

Sheila said...

Just wait, Carol! Somewhere in my archives are pictures of you!!! : ) More to follow.....