Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Past...in Kansas

Many of our Christmas' have been spent in Kansas.
Bob & I lived there until moving to Indiana just after Christmas of 1972.
Our kids loved to go "home" to Grandma & Grandpa Brown's & have many wonderful, fun-filled memories of those long trips. My sister was the perfect aunt for our children, being less than 10 years old when Karen was born.

My little sister, Carol Jean, with her Christmas treasures.

It looks like Santa brought her several dolls that year!

(Notice the lovely styrofoam ball Christmas tree....I surely didn't make that for you did I, Carol???)

Karen Lynn, Lorinda, Karin Jean, Susan & Carol

Christmas, 1976

Our brother brought home 3 little stepdaughters that Christmas,

my first time to meet them. Mom's family grew quickly that year!

Carol, Karen, Jeff...& Dusty!

(all of our dogs were named Dusty... )


Carol said...

Whoa Baby! Those are some crazy pictures!
Yes, I do believe you did craft that lovely glitter ball tree, Sister Blister! And our mother dearest hand made the lovely stretch terry cloth thing I'm sportin' in picture number dos. What a hilarious peek into our past!

Sheila said...

Are you SURE??? I think it looks like Dad might have hand in that little tree! : ) Love the terry cloth nightie too!

Carol said...

I'm pretty sure that tree was your handiwork, Sis! I LOVED that terry cloth thing! It was lovely, wasn't it? I'm pretty sure there are pictures of me wearing that at your house when Jeff was born. : )