Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Indiana

Christmas 1974
Karen...9 months old!
in her new white coat & hat that Grandma Brown made
with Grandma & Grandpa Brown...
I had to look back to make sure Karen was only 9 months old in these pictures!
It seemed like she grew up so quickly!
She was a long legged baby girl!!! with her Aunt Carol who was 9 years old & they are in matching outfits!
Karen & our beautiful white tree!
The branches really did look like scrub brushes...
our little Wise Man...Jeff!
I think they got to open one gift after their Sunday School Program
(a tradition Karen has carried on with her kids)
Jeff at 13 months
I remember Jeff "dancing to the music" on this little car
as our stereo played the Gaither Trio singing
"Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy"
and the traditional Thompson Christmas photo with Grandma and the Grandkids...Jeff, Jason, Karen & Jennifer


Sherry said...

Cute pictures! We had the same tradition at our house!

Karen Walden said...

And my kids thank you for teaching me that tradition also! If they do a good job in their program, they get a present also! It seems to work! :)

I forgot about that huge curtain we used to have in the family room! Long before mini blinds...

You always seem to find such beautiful pictures of me! Thanks a lot Mom!!!

Sheila said...

I love your pictures, Karen! I still remember you squealing with delight in your little white coat.