Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas 1976

Christmas 1976

Karen almost 3 years!

newborn Jeffry...about 2 weeks old

Jeff was born on November 30th and came home a few days a huge Christmas stocking, which you can see hanging on our mantle in the picture below. The little 6 lb 2 oz red headed baby boy made quite a bundle!This photo is full of a lot of history. I still have the doll cradle which Paige sometimes plays with. The "dip & drape" Santa & Mrs. Claus were made by me during my crafty days! I think their fur became so dingy that I tossed them in the trash. Karen is standing in a blue plastic wagon that she loved to run & jump in. One day she was pushing it & the rope handle tangled around the tires & flipped her over, skinning up her face...& that also was tossed in the trash!

Don't you just love Karen's nice pose?


Karen Walden said...

Lovely Mom!!! :) I also love Jeff's purple face! Looks like he needed a puff of Oxygen!!! :)

Angie Davis said...

A great picture of Karen! >:) I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the poor baby's coloring too...

Sheila said...

Ha! I think he his wind got a little cut off while we were trying to get him to pose! Of course Miss Nurse would notice that!