Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can you say "Aluminum"?

As newlyweds, waaaay back in 1967, we were very excited about getting our very first Christmas tree. We must have been crazy, but we loved the new aluminum Christmas trees, gaudy looking as they were! (What were we thinking?)

It was Halloween--not even November yet!--and we made a trip to "Spartan's", (remember Hills Dept. Store?...like that!) and purchased our hunk of glitter, plus a color wheel to make it sparkle, an assortment of colored ornaments, and headed back to our little apartment.

Have you ever assembled one of those things? There is a center pole full of drilled holes, where each & every shimmery limb had to be placed. Talk about time consuming! But we lovingly put the thing together, adorned it with ornaments, placed the color wheel for the best viewing advantage, and then took a little drive so we could see how it looked from our living room window.

Thankfully, our apartment was in the back of the building, and I think we decided to keep our shades shut for just a few days so our neighbors wouldn't think we had gone completely crazy.
We used the silly tree for several years. I see here where just the following year we only put blue ornaments on it. No doubt we wanted to have a "Blue, Blue Christmas"! Also notice my blow up Santa in both photos. Bob brought Mr. Santa home to me from where he worked at the Sinclair station!

The tree made the trip to Indiana years later, and Bob remembers that we gave it to a man at our church. (Rita....I do believe it was your Dad!)

And then just a few years ago, we got all nostalgic and I found another one in an antique mall and paid an outrageous price for it, plus we had to find another color wheel! We set the thing up and Jeff's first comments were..."it looks like icicles on a stick"!

I don't have time to take each branch out piece by piece this year, so we won't be having our sparkling Christmas tree. It is safely put away where I can't get to it to toss it out. Maybe one day I'll put it together for the grandchildren's amusement.


Angie Davis said...

I'm with Jeff: icicle on a stick. But those things are back in style! Connor wants one sooooo bad!

Carol said...

I thought that was the coolest tree I had EVER seen. (did I have a Santa like that? it sure rings a bell from the past). The best part about that tree was the rotating light that went with the tree!! : )

Sheila said...

Yep...they are back in vogue. I've even seen pick ones. Bet Paige-ee would like that! :)

Carol...you may have had one of the Santa's too as I'm pretty sure they had them at Gary's Sinclair station.

Dorcas said...

I can remember when I was little my parents had one of those trees and color wheels, too!!

Sherry said...

Our tree was a little 3 footer that Daniel had when we got married. It was fine with me since I had always hated decorating trees!

Sheila said...

Dorcas...Now you are making me feel REALLY old! : )

Karen Walden said...

Luckily, that tree was gone by the time I came along!!! ;) However, you'll have to post a picture of our beautiful white tree that looked like a toilet brush by the time we retired it!!! :)

Sheila said...

Oh, that's it, Karen!!! Make fun of my lovely toilet brush tree.

Now, just where are those pictures?