Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who needs Brown County!

It was a beautiful November day here on Mutz Drive.

Carter & Brycen spent the day at Grandma's & begged to go outdoors. So after it warmed up a bit, out we went. The boys rode bikes & trikes, tried to help me pull up weeds, played in the leaves, & enjoyed our 70 plus degree weather.

The back of our property parallels with I-65. We have a row of huge pine trees that helps block some of the traffic noise, and behind those trees we have let the weeds & woods take over. Carter wanted to play in Grandma's "jungle"! I let the boys run through the woods a few minutes, before they got too far away from me. Big mistake! For some reason, those little stinkers love to run from Grandma when we are out in the yard. I thought Brycen was playing out by Grandpa's Car Shop when I got a glimpse of him on the opposite side of my neighbors yard. Before I could reach him, he had himself perched on their riding lawn mower and had to be pryed off of it! I scooted him across to our own yard for another game of "catch me if you can"!

Later, I lost Brycen again! And this time he was on the other side of our house, in the other neighbors yard, and had once again discovered a different John Deere riding lawn mower that he could climb up on. He quickly climbed down when he saw me this time...& that is when he discovered their dogs!

Meet Bentley & Murdock...our friendly neighbor Bassett Hounds...that Brycen can't keep his hands off of! :)

You might notice that I have a lot more picture of Carter than I do of Brycen. If you haven't figured it out yet...it because I can't catch Brycen to get him to stand still long enough for a snapshot! :)

It was a "beautiful day in the neighborhood"...and I was so glad I took the time to let the boys play in the leaves & that I took my camera along with me. But it was finally time to take the boys inside & catch my breathe! Who needs Brown County with a backyard view like this?

Note: I started this post yesterday thinking I would post something about the election tonight. But as I listen to the election returns, I'm at a loss as what to say.


Karen Walden said...

This post is better anyway...it gets out mind off of what is happening in our country right now! :(

Cute pics! The leaves look gorgeous out your way! Looks like you really live in the country!

Those boys are so funny! Rotten as can be!

Michelle said...

I love, love Basset hounds! I would really like to have one but they are hard to find!

Dj said...

I love the pictures of the kids.
When is your new pastor taking over? Have a Wonderful Day!

Sheila said...

I used to think I wanted a Basset hound too! Until I heard those babies howl early on Saturday morning... :)

dj--The Shockley family will be moving here beginning the week of Thanksgiving & his first service will be the first Sunday in December,the 7th! We are trying to get a new parsonage finished up in time for their move!!!