Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories...

Thanksgiving has always been family time for us, having made many happy memories through the years.

...Grandma Fulkerson with her turkeys on their farm near Hallsville, Missouri. As many as she had, she must have raised them to sell!

Growing up in Missouri, I don't remember that we made too big of a deal out of the day. I can remember Dad & Steve getting up early, bundling up & heading out for a rabbit hunting trip. Mom & I would be at home & she would put the turkey in the oven for a traditional feast of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and the ever present cranberry sauce. Pumpkin pie was always on the menu...& somewhere in the back of my mind, is mincemeat pie! I remember the taste & I also remember not liking it. I'm sure that some of our Thanksgivings were filled with extended family members coming to town. Those days would have been spent visiting cousins, aunts, & uncles & having dinner at Grandma's.
Dinner at our house in Overland Park, Kansas

Mom (in far left of photo), Dad, Uncle Bud & Aunt Paulene

my brother, Steve, & little sis Carol Jean

I can't believe I was brave enough to invite them for Thanksgiving dinner!

After Bob & I were married we shared some of the holidays between our families. Bob's parents only lived in Kansas for a year after we were married & then moved from Kansas to Indiana. There were a few times that his family came back to Kansas for Thanksgiving---but I can't find any old pictures of those times. I remember a snow storm hitting as they traveled our way & they were very, very late getting to our house, keeping us worried that they were off in a snow drift somewhere.

A couch-full of Brown's, Thanksgiving 1989

Once we moved to Indiana, we made the trip back to Kansas for most November celebrations. I remember getting the kids out of school as early as we could without them being counted absent, & heading west! On several of those trips we encountered snowy, icy roads which made for a long trip. One such trip found us skidding off of I-70, barely missing a bridge abutment, & almost hitting a car as we got back up on the highway. I'll never forget the feeling that God guided our car in that dangerous situation & helped Bob gain control before we had a terrible accident. That Thanksgiving we were truly thankful for a safe journey!
Thanksgiving 1990
Jeff was taking Home Ec & made both of his Grandma's
a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!
So, I hope this finds your day filled with family fun, delicious dinners, laughter & board games, tummies full of your favorite desserts, and safe travels if you head out on the highways.
Thanksgiving 1993, in Overland Park
Bob, Karin Jean & Susan, Dad, Jeff, Carol, Karen & Mom

Thanksgiving 2001 in Indiana

a bitter-sweet holiday

just after Mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer...

I'm sure we will be thinking of Mom & Dad as we gather around our table once again. Dad almost always said our Blessing, & he mentioned "those less fortunate than we are today".

Blessings to all!


Dorcas said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sheila!!

Sheila said...

Happy day to you too Dorcas! We had 19 around our table this afternoon. It was a great day with family.