Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Middle Child...

Happy, happy birthday to our brother, Steven Neal!

We have enjoyed having Carol & family here in Indiana for Thanksgiving & were able to celebrate Steve's birthday today! This morning Carol & I even whipped up a bacon, egg, gravy & biscuit breakfast in his honor. : ) He told us not to go to the trouble...but we knew he wouldn't be able to resist.

Here are a few photos from the old family albums you might enjoy. Steve & I grew up together....way back in the '50's. Then in 1964 we had a baby sister join our family. Thus, my memories & Carol's are somewhat different of growing up with Steve. I was the Big Sis & she the Little Sis.

May you have many more birthdays & we hope you hang around here so we can help you celebrate. So glad you have gotten well acquainted with all of our wee little people around here! You are loved very much!!!

Needless to say, there is no denying the family resemblence!


Karen Walden said...

It was a lively birthday for Steve, huh?! :) ...and such a lovely rendition of "Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!"

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Big Bro!!! It was really nice to be able to be with you on your big 57 for a change!
We love you!!!
Carol and the gang

Dj said...

Sheila, I love old pictures but I did notice that one of them needed to be restored. I have it restored for you if you would like to email me I will send it back to you. :-)
My Email is