Saturday, November 15, 2008

Makin' A List...

Are most of you well on your way to finishing up your Christmas shopping? Not me! I've barely started this year.

Usually by now I have quite a bit of my Christmas shopping done. Somehow this year I can't get motivated to hit the Malls just yet. For one thing, I'm having a hard time even trying to decide who wants what. We are ones that have what we need & I'm finding it harder & harder each year to find just the right gift.

Carter found a catalog the other day & he immediately picked out a very expensive 4-wheeler & promptly showed it to me. He asked "Gwama...will you please get this for me? Pleeeeeese!" Are you kidding??? I sweetly told him that he needed to talk to his Daddy about that one. : ) Then last night Parker decided it was time for him to do a little catalog shopping. He decided that just about everything in there was probably something he needed. "I need this & this & this &...."and on his list went. He turned to me & asked if I was really going to buy all of that stuff for him. Once again, I sweetly told him he needed to talk to his Daddy. : ) Paige was also making her list & she thought she might want anything that was pink...her very favorite color! So far the other kids haven't let me know...

So, ladies of my family, hints are welcome. And I'm very open to doing some online shopping too! Mega malls just don't excite me anymore.

All Parker Wants For Chrismas Is His Two Front Teeth!!!

Anyone else have any great ideas for 3 that are almost 3, a 4 year old, 6 year old, 8 year old, & 4 adults that really don't need a thing?
Note: Last year was the first time we participated in Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan's Purse headed by Franklin Graham. I found it very gratifying to think that I had helped some child overseas in a 3rd world country receive something special for Christmas. You take a shoe box & fill it as full as possible with small gifts, candy, & small toiletries. Our Junior Church is trying to fill 15 boxes this year. First Christian Church is the drop off point & the deadline is soon, just in case you are interested. Check out for information & a video presentation. Help spread our wealth around the world!!!


Lady J said...

Well let's see.. On page 39 of the Sears catalog I found this really cute guy-do you think you can order that for me too?! Seriously, I know what you mean about everyone having what they need. When the girls were small I enjoyed buying clothes, toys, books, etc. I spoiled them rotten but they were grateful for their gifts. Now, there are husbands, greatkids to buy for. What's a single woman to do but to spoil the next generation as well?

Dorcas said...

Franklin Graham's Operation Christmas Child is such a neat idea. Like you said, to help a child in a 3rd world country is such wonderful feeling!! We've done special things for Missions at Christmas in the past.

Amy Shearer said...

Sheila, don't know what to tell you about most of the ages on your list but I could definitely tell you what an 8 year old girl would like :) If you need suggestions, let me know!

Anonymous said...


On behalf of Franklin Graham, thank you for participating in Operation Christmas Child again this year.

Darren Mullenix
Samaritan's Purse