Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Wishes for Kylie Ann!

Today is Kylie's birthday. Kylie is my blond haired blue eyed now 17 year old niece! She has brought so much sunshine into our family & whether she wants to admit it or the spitting image of her Mom!

I'll never forgot my first glimpse of that sweet baby girl. It was like looking at my baby sister all over again. It was Thanksgiving time & we went to Kansas for the holiday. Mom was recovering from knee surgery so I got to spend the night with Carol & help take care of Kylie Ann. (Remember that night, Karen?!?) I think we were up most of the night. Carol & Karen were fighting for the bathroom that night. And sweet baby Kylie decided she absolutely would NOT have anything to do with Mommy's Milk!!! She definitely had a mind of her own right from the start. (Aren't you girls glad I shared that little piece of history? Want more details?) :)

Karen & Jeff always loved to go to Kansas to
visit their little Wheeler cousins!

Hope you had a wonderful day. Enjoy the Cheesecake Factory! Have a piece of Turtle Cheesecake for me.

See ya Wednesday!!!


Carol said...

Thank you for the sweet post... can't wait to spread more sunshine at your house. see you soon
Love, Kylie Ann!

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Sorry! Kylie double-posted.

Thanks for the cute post, Sis! Leave it to you to bring back the lovely memory of us fighting for the bathroom while you bottle fed my little "breastfeeding nightmare" : )

See you Wednesday!

Karen Walden said...

Uh...that's plenty of details, right Carol?! :) Hope you had a yummy birthday dinner Kylie! Happy 17th and can't wait to see you!

Carol said...

Yeah Karen, those details are hinging on TMI! Cheesecake Factory was YUMMY!
Can't WAIT to see everyone!!!