Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday wishes to our blonde haired, blue eyed son!

Kerrigan, Brycen, Jeff & Carter
celebrating # 32 for Jeff!

And today is Jeff's 32nd birthday!

Well...almost blond haired!

It was a family joke...if we had a red-haired baby
Grandma Thompson would take him.
And sandy-red it was for his first two years!
But we instantly fell in love & decided to keep him--red hair & all!

Much more blond Jeff and one

of Grandpa Thompson's big bunnies

We had a big day of celebration yesterday, combining birthdays...& saving money on cake. ; ) After our big week of Thanksgiving festivities, this Mom didn't feel like cooking another big meal. So, Jeff is having a quiet birthday at home with his little family, which is just what he wanted anyway.

Jeff's first Sunday School teacher, Pauline Fox

on his 1st birthday

Playing in my horrible looking yard!!! (how embarrassing...)

about 3 years old

1st day of Kindergarten & still 4 years old!

As a teenager, vacationing in the Smokey Mountains

Graduation Day with Grandma & Grandpa Brown

& Grandma & Grandpa Thompson...16 years oldThe black Camero
and with the loves of his life...

Brycen, Carter, Kerrigan & April

Happy Birthday Jeff!


Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Jeffro!! I'm SO glad we got to spend some quality time with you and your family! SO proud of you!

Aunt Carol

Karen Walden said...

Happy Birthday dear Brother!!! Hope you had a nice, relaxing day today! It was great getting to see you all so much this holiday weekend!!!

We love you!
Karen, Jonathan, Parker, Peyton & Paige

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