Friday, November 14, 2008

Aches & pains...& brain drain

The last few days have been a little crazy around here and I haven't felt much like racking my brain for something to blog about. Nothing has just jumped out at me--or I haven't taken the time--to sit down & gather my thoughts.

I'm still aching from having a tooth pulled, which has put a mental drain on my brain. I can't think when I'm trying to figure out just how much longer before I can have another handful of Advil! If this continues I may have to give my good ole doc a call!
But thoughts are churning about Thanksgivings of the past. As a kid growing up we usually had a quiet day. Not so around the Thompson clan though! Surely there is a blog post in that mess of memories somewhere.

My life is busy.

Grandkids are at my house at least two days a week. I love having them here but believe me, this ole granny wears down after a day of toddler chasing!

Our church Thanksgiving dinner was postponed until this Sunday so I have to do grocery shopping for that, plus food preparation. I'm beginning to make plans for our own festivities & need to start stocking my pantry for the Wheeler gang!

Plus we have birthdays to celebrate. Kylie's is on the 24th & I'm sure we'll have to blow out a few candles for her! My brother Steve is here for a while & gets to celebrate his birthday with us on the 29th. And Jeff's birthday is the 30th! Who knows...we may just have to buy a giant birthday cookie & have a big blaze all at once.

So now you know why my blog has been silent. I have lots of things to blame it on, but mainly it is just me. If I could just get this pain to go away I think I could get back to normal! Now off to my busy weekend....


Dorcas said...

I hope you get to feeling better, Sheila. That's no fun!!

Carol said...

Keep taking that Advil, Sister Blister. Call your doc if it gets too bad! Sorry about that! Hope the Milk Duds were worth it! : )

Sheila said...

Nah...I don't think the Duds were anywhere worth it! I think it might be getting a little better but I'm keeping on top of the pain now. Just had me some Eggnog & cookies to make the Advil go down okay so I'll probably snooze until noon! :)