Thursday, October 16, 2008

Signs of the Jay C's!

Yesterday I made a dash into the grocery store to pick up a few things I was running low on. That dash slowed to a crawl & I left there $169. poorer!

I was about out of cookies so glanced down that aisle. I always enjoy the Archway cookies so made a special effort to check out their selection. Much to my surprise, there was a sign, posted by Jay C's, that the Archway Bakery had ceased production & shut its doors! Horrors!!! Life without soft cookies? The notice was stating that my grocery store would be making every effort to find another supplier of fine bakery products.

The selection was slim & the shelf was beginning to look bare. I was disappoint. And I was a little worried. I had just received an email the night before with a list of companies that are planning on closing a number of their less productive stores. I think seeing for myself, in my own comfort zone of shopping for groceries, that this economic crisis is going to affect us all alarmed me.

I'm going to miss my Archway cookies! I didn't buy them often as the packages were small and it made for expensive cookies...but they were a top of the line product. Christmas season won't be the same without their "Wedding Cookies" or "Cashew Nougat"! Their soft oatmeal and molasses cookies were always a special treat.

When I got home, I did check out the Internet to see for myself that Archway had shut it's doors. It was true. They had recently filed bankruptcy, tried to recover, but decided it was time to close up shop.

I hope not to see any more signs like that posted on the shelves in my grocery store. I don't like the signs of the times invading my space!


Angie Davis said...

I'm not wild about store bought cookies, but those were pretty awesome! Now we're going to have to bake more...

Sherry said...

I guess I will have to dig out my gma's mexican wedding cookie recipe. I didn't buy them often either. Maybe that is why they went out of business~~noone bought them often enough.

Amy Shearer said...

I had no idea either! Bummer... they were one of the few store bought cookies I liked!!

Lady J said...

I loved Archway cookies! It is scary them going out of business. I wonder who else is headed that direction?