Sunday, October 12, 2008

Punkin's...Part 2

And here are a few pictures of the little Walden punkins!
Paige...showing off her new dress

We took a some quick pictures just after church, before they got in their play clothes. I loved Paige's new "candy corn" dress!
Peyton...another one that doesn't stand still for two seconds!

It was a busy weekend and this ole grandma is worn this post will just be pictures.
Parker...always has a big smile for Grandma...
this one just happens to be on the tooth-less side! : )

Happy Fall--ya'll!

Ooooopssss! How did that get in my yard???


Angie Davis said...

I absolutely adore the candy corn dress!!!

Sheila said...

Yea...I love it too. Paige-ee thought she was pretty dressed up too!

Karen Walden said...

Those are some rotten kids! They aren't nearly as innocent as they look in those pictures! ;)