Friday, October 24, 2008

"Fancy 'Ancy"

If you have a little girl in your family & you haven't discovered the "Fancy Nancy" books, you need to do so. I probably love them as much as Paige does. Kerrigan has looked them over but didn't seem too interested...probably a little too young for her--& maybe a bit too "foo-foo".
But Paige-ee is our fancy little girl anyway. She absolutely loves, loves, loves pink--with purple being her next favorite color. She will always choose "the pink one" of whatever it is. She definitely is a girl! And she seems to enjoy fancy things.

I have most of the "Fancy Nancy" books & we do read them occasionally. That is, when I can get Peyton off of my lap & talk him out of reading a "Cars" story. Paige also loves Strawberry Shortcake & Dora The Explorer. It is amazing to watch the feminine side come out in her, even though she has two brothers to play with. She loves her dolls & little girl things.

Paige as "Fancy Nancy"

That makes this grandma very happy. So....I couldn't pass up the Fancy Nancy dress-up outfit. Her daddy didn't act too thrilled when he came to pick her up yesterday & she was all dolled up in her fancy outfit! He would prefer that she would be a little tomboy & play ball with the brothers...but I love her being prissy.

Little Miss Priss!

Enjoy your little angels. I'm going to let mine play dress up all they want to! Paige loves being "Fancy "Ancy".

"Fancy Nancy" books

by Jane O'Connor


Karen Walden said...

I had never even heard of Fancy Nancy until just recently from you and Paige! Yes, she is quite the prissy little thing and I think she gets her love for pink from her Grandma Walden!! :) She will be proud too! She loves her new outfit and wants to wear it day and night! Now she has something to wear when the boys dress up in their nascar outfits!!! Thanks Gwama!!!

Amy Shearer said...

I just found out about Fancy Nancy stuff the other day and I think all of it is adorable! I think I'm going to get McKiah some of it for her b-day. She loves to dress up so I might just have to get her the dress up outfit!!

I think it's wonderful that Paige is "prissy" - she'll have LOTS of opportunities to be a tomboy with Peyton and Parker around.

Sherry said...

Jonathon doesn't need to worry. My not so little girl loves pink, ridng bikes, rumbling with Seth~~not sure that is actually fun. I hate to admit I do have to step in with those 2. I said all that to say even girls that like pink can be a tomboy. I see lots of guys wearing pink! LOL!

Sheila said...

Amy...Target has a Fancy Nancy doll, dog, books & outfits. They also have birthday party plates & invitations. Have fun!!! If you "google" Fancy Nancy, you can get to the website that has some fun stuff too.

Amy Shearer said...

Thanks for the info Sheila! Her b-day is in a couple of weeks and she's decided to have a Tinkerbell b-day but I think I'm still going to get her some "Fancy Nancy" stuff. If she really likes it, I can add it to her Christmas wish list! :)