Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colorado Camping Memories...

It doesn't take much to jog my memory onto a sentimental journey these days. Karen's camping trip made me think about the many good times our little Brown family had on our camping vacations.

Way back in the old days.....
the summer of 1957

I was eight years old & Steve would have been five. Our traveling adventures had been limited mostly to Missouri, Omaha & Wichita. We were from a very small town, where we lived in our own little sheltered world. Who knew there were other cultures existing in our our Country?

This is probably the very first camping trip our little family ever made...(and it was way B.C.--before Carol!) Dad had worked hard & earned his vacation so off we went in our beautiful Studebaker!

I'm sure our car was loaded down with supplies as once we got to the mountains, we were going to stay in a tent & would use a little camp stove set up on a picnic table. There would have been an ice chest, sleeping bags, lantern, and Dad wouldn't leave without packing his tackle box & fishing rods! Sound like fun yet?

Dad's two sisters lived out west & we first stopped & spent a night or two with Aunt Fern in Wichita. From there we went on to Aunt Rose & Uncle Jack's in New Mexico, way far away for our little town in Missouri! We saw sights we had never seen! In New Mexico there were real live American Indians that still wore their traditional long skirts & shawls! We were in awe when we went shopping & saw these Indian ladies in a department store!

My memories really aren't too vivid but I do remember how I loved the mountains! Our Missouri Ozark mountains were small in comparison...& these were Rocky! I loved the trees & definitely remember the white bark of the aspen trees.

Somewhere on the trip we ventured up to a gold mine in the mountains & Uncle Jack & Aunt Rose went "panning" for gold! And there was a deserted old mining town that we wandered through--a ghost town of the Rockies.

Jack, Dad, Rose & Steve went fishing & I do remember Mom frying fish & potatoes on that old gas stove. Everything tasted so good when we were camping!

We went to Mesa Verde National Park, where the Cliff Dwellers ruins are. Our adventurous Rose & Jack rode donkeys down the rocky trail to see the dwellings. I remember begging Mom to let me go, but she thought it looked too dangerous & wouldn't give in. I was so disappointed, but looking back, doubt that I would have allowed my 8 year old, inexperienced donkey rider to go either!

It was the first of many more camping trips to come. Dad was a lover of the outdoors, loved to hunt, and even more, loved to fish. So our vacations were often camping trips where the fishing was good. But he didn't make that the center of our trips as we got to do lots of things & saw most of our Western States.
Later, Mom & Dad made that old tent into a fold-down camper. Mom wore out her sewing machine, sewing up the heavy tent canvas to fit the frame Dad had built. They used that old fold-down until after I was married! And from there they went on to get a trailer. And the roughing it got better. Many happy memories were made & we got to see what happened out of our little circle where we lived. Life was an adventure!


Karen Walden said...

Oh my!! That was "roughing it" and I don't think it looks like anything I would've enjoyed! However, my kids would've loved to get to sleep in a tent!

Those are some really neat pictures, some of them I remember but not all of them!

Someday you'll have to post about our trips to Beech Bend and Branson!

Sheila said...

I think those pics are on slides. I'll have to look them up! You might want to tell abou that one...

Lady J said...

Sounds like fun! I am so glad my parents had a vision to get Linda and I outside our four corners of E/burg. Life is an adventure!