Friday, October 31, 2008


Just wanted to get off of my knees from scrubbing my floors for a few minutes & say "Boo!" to all of you fellow bloggers!

Somehow this silly holiday has turned into something evil that I don't like. But I still think we can have fun with it.

If you can believe this---and it's true--I grew up where we had Halloween parties at our church! Well, it wasn't actually AT our church, but just down the street, & in our basement. Everyone that was able to hobble to the party came in costume! We might have bought a mask, but other than that, our costumes were homemade. I remember that I usually wanted to wear a pair of Dad's baggy pants and Mom would stuff me with pillows. I could barely waddle! She would twist my hair up in a ponytail, out of sight, put a hat on me, an ugly or silly looking mask, & I thought it was the best costume I'd ever had.
As the hostess of the party, Mom didn't always dress up, but everyone else did. And it was a big game to sneak in our house without anyone seeing which car you creeped out of or who you came with. My brother & I would hide in our yard to come in later, thinking we fooled everyone by not already being there when they arrived. We would all sit around in a circle and Mom would go around guessing who we were. If she guessed correctly, we had to unmask. At that point, you would get to help in the guessing game. One time there was a rather large person and someone not quite so large and no one could guess who they were. About everyone that should be there was accounted for & we just couldn't figure out who the masked couple was. Finally, the big one pulled his mask off--& there was Dr. C.E. Cowen, president of Kansas City College & Bible School!!! The other goblin unmasked and it was his daughter, Eleanor! What a surprise! They had been in the area & gotten word of our party & decided to crash it & surpise us all. I think Mom or Dad told that sorry every time Halloween rolled around.
As a little girl I remember walking the streets of Hallsville with a large group of family & friends. There would be a swarm of us and I'm sure it took lots of treats to fill our bags. I remember Mom making popcorn balls & wrapping them in waxed paper. Other ladies would make cookies or caramel of my favorite treats to get! Of course we got candy, lots of "penny" candy and even some large candy bars. It was well worth the trapsing all over our little town to fill my brown grocery sack full of treats.

Another time my Dad somehow got his hands on a Santa outfit & decided that was how he was going to go to our church party. He dressed himself up, white beard & all (& probably didn't have to do too much stuffing!), got a sack & filled it with peppermints and maybe some other kind of candy & off he went. He was a big, big hit at the party and even went so far as to line the little kids up and have them sit on his knee & tell him what they wanted for Christmas. He really played the part. Later, during the guessing game, he finally unmasked, much to the little childrens dismay! Some of them were very upset to find out that Duane Brown was Santa!!! He laughed & laughed about making the little kids mad at him.

And, believe it or not, we even had a Halloween party here in Indiana. (We would be booted out the door if we tried that trick today!) It was our Youth Group, which was a good part of the church. I don't remember a lot about it, but I do know that somewhere in my mess of pictures, there is one of me as a humped backed witch & my beloved as the tin man! And....someone that is very involved in our Christian Day School, came as a ghost!

It was all in fun. It was before the days of "The Cult", or the dark side that somehow has taken away the silliness of the day. It is so sad that just a few wicked people can change something that used to be so innocent.

(What an ugly bunch!)

Oh, there were the bad guys back then too. There have always been vandals and I think most Halloween's someone would put an outhouse in the middle of the main street in Hallsville. But that was about as far as it went.

Here is hoping that my little grandchildren get to dress up and have a fun day. I hear there might even be a witch in the bunch!!!

Recognize anyone???


Karen Walden said...

Oh yes, I recognize all of them! I see a few bloggers in that group picture too! Anyone recognize them? There are 4 counting Mom!

Awwwh! I forgot how cute the twins were that first year!

We still have that Bob the tomato outfit you made for Parker too!

Happy Halloween!
See you at church!

Sheila said...

Want me to wear my rubber nose?

Dorcas said...

The first picture on this post has to be the best! I laughed out loud when I saw it. That's hilarious!!

Sheila said...

Well...I hesitated to put it on here! :) I knew some of the young people were going to come to our house a few years ago & I decided to surpise them. I think I surprised myself about as much as anyone. Hehe....

Angie Davis said...

I love your witch costume! Please wear the rubber nose to church on Thanksgiving weekend. I'd like to see it in person...

Denise said...

How fun!!! I love all those costumes!!!!!!! :)