Friday, September 11, 2009

Do You Remember?

This is a re-post from last year. I still can't forget...

I'll never forget that day.

It was a beautiful, cool September morning. After breakfast, Bob had to take his truck in for maintenance. I decided it would be a good day to start on my fall window cleaning. Bob was just ready to leave when he stuck his head back in the door & hollered to me..."Hey--turn the radio on! A plane just crashed in one of the Twin Towers in New York."

Of course I rushed to the radio & there was a news bulletin about it. I went on with my work, thinking about what I thought was an accident and how terrible it was for the people on board that jet.

And then I heard the excited voice of a broadcaster announcing that the second Tower had been hit! I immediately called Bob to tell him....and suddenly we knew. This was no a random accident. Something was happening and it was deliberate! How could this be happening in our beloved country?

My phone rang & it was Carol. She told me "get to a have to see what is happening!" I was listening to WLW radio & I heard of two more airplanes that were missing, one possibly headed towards Cleveland, Ohio. What was happening? It was beyond our imagination.

We did go to Jeff's apartment and watched in total disbelief. I'll never forget seeing the second jet deliberately going into that Tower & the bellow of black smoke that surrounded it. I'll never forget seeing that horrible cloud of soot & smoke rolling between the buildings & the people on the streets running as fast as they could with terrible fear in their eyes. I'll never forget the feeling of doom that overcame me when I heard & then saw that another jet had crashed into the Pentagon. And sadness creaped into my heart when we heard that the jet that was headed for Cleveland, made a turn & was thought to be headed towards the White House, but crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania. I'll never forget seeing the image of President Bush when someone whispered to him of what was happening & a look of total disbelief crossed his face.

For a few hours of that day we weren't even sure where our President was. He was quickly swept away to safety at an Air Force Base in Nebraska. Later that night our Senators & Congressmen gathered on the steps of our Capitol building...and I'll never forget the feeling of unity of our countrymen at that very moment. It didn't matter who belonged to what party at that just mattered that we were all Americans & our Country had been attacked.

Time fades away some memories but it is amazing to me how just thinking back brings all of those feelings rushing back. It is hard to believe that it has been seven years since that happened. And, it is amazing that it has not happened again.

All of our lives changed that day. I'll never board a plane without thinking about that dreadful day. I doubt that I ever look at the skyline of New York City without remembering that something is missing. I don't want to ever forget.

Someday I will let my grandchild look at the scrapbook I made during that time. But now, not even I want to look back at those horrific pictures. Someday I want them to see what really happened during those days. But it will be quite a few years before their tender minds can grasp the story held in the pages of that black scrapbook.

I love my Country. I love our Flag. And I love and have deep respect for our President. I don't want to forget the freedom that our Flag stands for and the sacrifices being made by our Military. I want to remember.

Do you remember?


Karen Walden said...

I remember being at home and Jonathan calling me and telling me to turn on the radio as well. I too met you at Jeff's place and remember us just sitting there for hours, mostly in silence watching in disbelief! A day we won't forget.

Remember being at the NQC that year and the entire crowd joined hands as they sang? Remember that man not really wanting to hold your hand but he did!! :)

Carol said...

Yes, I do remember! I was dropping the kids off at school. Kelcie's classmate, Chris Fiorello, ran to our van and yelled that a plane had just hit the Twin Towers. I turned on the radio and headed for Mom and Dad's. We immediately turned on the TV and watched, in horror, as the second plane flew into the second tower. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. I think I called you as soon as I gathered my wits. Everything seemed incredibly surreal as we watched. We couldn't believe people were jumping as we watched!!!

Did you save those ashes???

That is too funny that the old man didn't want to hold your hand!

Angie said...

I was still working at the bank back then and I can recall standing in the lunchroom and watching on the TV as the towers began to collapse. Such an awful day for the country I have come to love...

Sheila said...

Yes, Carol. For others...I received a magazine in the mail about a week after the attack. I think it was Country Living. When I opened it, ashes fell out onto my lap. At first I didn't know what it was & it scared me. I don't remember if I ever looked at all of the magazine but I did put it in a zip lock bag & there is a dusting of what appears to be ashes. I felt like my magazine went through a post office somewhere where there was a dusting of ashes. Very unsettling when I received it.