Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brunch Bunch!

This past Saturday we were invited to a Brunch at our friends house, Bob & Mary Ann Williamson. They had decided it was time for our group of old car cronies to get together & rehash the '60s. Well...at least get together for a time of friendship.

Mary Ann surprised us all by having her friend, "Karen the Caterer", fix our meal. It was delicious! And what a great idea...for someone else to do all of the food preparation, come to your house & serve it...& she even cleaned up! What a way to entertain! The food really was delicious--a braided bread egg & ham casserole, cinnamon-raisin muffins, a wonderful fruit bowl, punch with a kick! (I had more than my share....), and to top it off, a delicious pumpkin cheesecake.

Bob & Mary Ann Williamson

After stuffing ourselves, we waddled out to Bob's car shop so the men could oooh & aaahh over the beautiful beasts displayed in the Williamson's museum like "car barn". We ladies even enjoyed looking at the old Chevy's--& a GTO. There was lots to look at as Bob & Mary Ann are quite the collectors of memorabilia of the 50's & 60's.

Bob-Kenny & Arlene Graham Vickie- & Carl Turner Mary Greathouse & Mary Ann

We left the guys to talk the car talk & we women went back to the house to settle in for a long visit. Our gab went from cemeteries in Crab Orchard, Kentucky to Hurricane Ike and on to Johnny Mellencamp! We found plenty to talk about! Much to our delight, Mary Ann even came up with a story of someone just recently telling her that they had dated Johnny Mellencamp & went into a few details! :) (I won't tell who or she might not get her free tickets to the concert at The Crump!!!)

The Gray-Haired Gang scrutinizing Bob's '65 Chevelle that he bought new...& is in the process of restoring

It was a most enjoyable Brunch...that lingered on into the afternoon, with Bob & I being the last ones to leave around 3:30. No doubt, we had worn our welcome out! Our group of 10 is aging, some having what could be serious health problems, & Mary Ann decided we really needed to get together. You never know what the future holds.

Thanks for an eventful Saturday!!!

After thought...

I really am going to have to check out how to upload pictures to Picasa. I worked & worked at this, & when I view it...it doesn't look at all like I wanted it too. :(


And another thing--Mary Ann is my gardening friend & I cannot believe we didn't wander around her gardens & I didn't taken one picture outdoors--except for the Host & Hostess. Maybe the horribly hot 93 degrees temperature had a little something to do with it. We were just enjoying being indoors!


Karen Walden said...

I don't think I would've recognized Bob W. if he wasn't with Mary Ann! Don't know why he looks so different to me. Glad you old folks could get together and talk about the good ole' days!

As for Picasa...it's changed and I don't like it at all anymore. Don't have any brillant answer for ya! It looks just fine!

Carol said...

Looks like a fun day for the old people! ; )
What was in that "punch with a kick"? No wonder you all had so much fun!
BTW, the food looks SUPER yummy! : )

Sheila said...

Karen...I think Bob has a new hairstyle since you have seen him. Maybe the difference...

Carol...the "kick" was ginger ale, I think. It was a blend of fruit juices & very refreshing. Non-alcholic of course!!!

"Karen the Caterer" (wish I had taken her pic!) & Mary Ann used to cater together. Karen still does catering & both are gourmet cooks.