Friday, August 15, 2008

My Computer Is Sick!

I'm not very happy right now! My computer has been acting up all day and I do believe it has a virus!

I needed to print off some invitations for Pastor T's 40th anniversary celebration...& it literally took me all day! At first I thought it was my printer acting up but then I started getting some weird messages...about checking my Norton Antivirus...unable to complete task..etc. Now I can't even locate my Norton program. I think my computer ate it!

Anyway...I won't be sending anyone emails for a few days. For now I can get online but I don't want to spread any contagious file eating bug, so will leave you alone--at least until Monday. My handy dandy computer man lives just down the road & he has had to make a few house calls here before. (He remembers me as the lady that has way too many picture files stored on her computer!)

At least I can blog! I don't think the ole bug will reach out and get your from here.

Signing off for now...and I think I'd better go back up a few photo files before they disappear too!


Karen Walden said...

Sorry your computer has a "bug" or something like that! Give it two Aspirin and call the doc first thing Monday morning! Amazing how computers are like kids, they don't get sick until after office hours on a Friday night!!! :(

Sheila said...

I think it gave the bug to me. :( Doubt that I am at church in the A.M. .... My computer is acting better tonight, just a little slow!