Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Honeymoon in Branson!

Forty one years ago today Bob & I got married. Now you really do know we are old!!!

Our wedding wasn't very elaborate but I thought it was beautiful. My "color" was blue...and I have no idea why because that has never been one of my favorite colors. My Mom & Aunt Paulene made the bridesmaid dresses & I remember choosing the fabric and thought the blue brocade was so pretty. Evidently that is why the blue color was chosen. You will notice they were "street length". We thought long dresses were too formal, & I think my wedding was one of the last in our circle of friends with short dresses. They also made the lovely hats!

The dresses of blue brocade

But this isn't about the wedding.

We got married at 7:30 on Saturday night. And I have no idea why we waited so late either! Maybe we wanted to make sure the candles would glow in the evening light...who knows.

and we are off & running!

Being the romantics we are (do I hear Karen laughing...) we spent our first night in our apartment. The idea of going to a motel didn't even enter our minds! We had a few things in the frig, ready for the event, and we had breakfast at home on Sunday morning--Pillsbury Orange Rolls! Once again, we didn't even think to go eat out.

We were getting ready to head out on our honeymoon & knew Bob's mom was home with Uncle Brayton & Aunt Imogene, so decided to go say goodbye to them. ( I remember being very embarrassed to walk in that room.....everyone knew I was a new bride!!! BLUSH!!!)

We said our hellos & goodbyes and went across town to my parents. There we were greeted by a yard full of aunts, uncles & cousins having a picnic under the shade tree in the front yard. Mom had taken advantage of everyone coming to town & made a family reunion out of it.

As a wedding gift, Bob's dad told us that he would pay for our honeymoon. We just needed to keep track of what we spent in motels & food & he would give us the money. How about that for a nice gift?

Our plans were to head to The Lake of the Ozarks. I had vacationed there lots of times with my family, but Bob had never been there. Of course we had no motel reservations and no idea what we were going to do. Down the road we went.

Our orignal map!

Bob marked it to show how I led him to the wrong destination!

I had been on my Senior Trip just a few short months prior so I thought I knew which roads to take and became the navigator. (Bob's first mistake...) We were down the road quite a ways when I decided to try to read a map & see how much farther we had to go. Much to my surprise I realized I was not directing us to The Lake of the Ozarks, but to Branson...the place of my Senior Trip! I don't think Bob had ever been there either & he decided it really didn't make any difference, so on to Branson we went!

Now it was 1967, long before "The Strip" of entertainment & restaurants of every kind had hit Branson. But there were a couple of music shows, Table Rock Lake, Silver Dollar City, Rock Away Beach, "The Shepherd of the Hills" play, & other things to do. We sort of retraced my steps of the Senior Trip. One day we went to Rock Away Beach & rode paddle boats. We went to Silver Dollar City which was much like it is today. And we had to go spelunking through Marvel Cave! We went to see "The Baldnobbers", a hilarious bunch of country singers, that just happen to be still singing today. (Well, they may not be the original group...) So, for a couple of young newlyweds, there was plenty to do in the few days we were there. I think we got there on Sunday afternoon & went home on Tuesday night so we both could go back to work.

I've searched high & low & cannot find my honeymoon pictures. I think I have many 6 or 8, and they aren't very good ones. But I did find a box of keepsakes.

I think I stole the "do not disturb" sign!!!

We had a wonderful time, did everything we wanted to do, ate at the places we wanted to eat, and stayed in what we thought was a very nice Best Western Motel. (I was used to a fold-out tent camper!) We bought a Bible in a traditional Ozark cedar box and that was probably about our only souvenir.

So, how much do you think we spent? Would you believe $50.00? That would have been for two nights in our motel, food, & maybe some entertainment, and probably for a little gas money too! Somehow I don't think Dad would make that same offer today!

Oh yes....we also drove the '62 Chevy which we still have today! Man... I wish I could find those pictures!


Karen Walden said...

I still can't believe that story! Too bad Dad didn't make us that kind of an offer!!! (We would've changed our destination!)

So that's where I get my map reading abilities!!! HA! (Just kidding, I know you are the sole navigator now!)

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary, Sis! I tried to call you earlier today but missed you. Hope you had a great day!
Believe it or not, I do have some memories of your wedding day. One being the fact that I kept staring at the camera man, wondering what he was doing. I'm pretty sure I was chewing my nails!
I do remember the big family reunion. I also have vivid memories of playing with a plate full of liquid mercury with Pam and Kim... courtesy of our loving dad! : )
Funny fact that your honeymoon was the beginning of your "navigating" career! : 0
Can't WAIT to see you!!!

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary!

Wesley learned very quickly not to let me read the map! Just looks like a bunch of crooked lines...

Peggy B. said...
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Lady J said...

Happy Anniversary to a great couple! It is neat to see people still in love after several years of marriage (notice I didn't say anything about old people being in love!) If I had married the person I was engaged to in college I would have been married about 35 years by now and probably not in love. I often tell him that if we had married I would be in prison for murder or we would have been divoriced or both! We were definately not a match made in heaven!