Friday, August 1, 2008


Home again!

I'm always glad to be back home, yet dread getting back into the daily routines. You know the drill....mountain of laundry to do, mail to sort, weeds to be pulled, yard to be mowed, groceries to be bought. But it's home and I love it, hard work and all.

We did have a good vacation waaaaay up in Indy, although we went our separate ways and seldom saw each other during the daylight hours. That is the way we want it though. Bob gets to enjoy his car buddies and all of the automotive talk that goes along with it. And I get to go about my exploring. Except this time we were in familiar territory and I didn't dig up anything too exciting. Bob got up and hit the car show lot while I was still snoozing away. I don't think I got up much before 9 a.m. while we were gone. I was in a lazy vacationing mood.

Bob & our friend, Jerry Acheson

& Jerry's 1957 Chevy truck

Monday evening our group cruised over to Bruce Litton's Trailer Sales where he hosted a picnic for our car club. Bruce is a top fuel drag racer, a Christian!, a Chevy collector, along with a collector of about anything that reminds himself of his childhood in Oneida, Tennessee. Around his car shop display room, he has built a replica of his home town which holds tons of '50s & '60s memorabilia. And our gray-headed group of car bums loved it! We wandered through his "hometown" and saw all kinds of things that stirred up memories of our own growing up years. To top it off, we had a great barbeque meal. Litton's Car Museum

Tuesday was "Show 'N Shine" day which kept Bob out in the parking lot all day. He always helps with the judging and enjoys every minute of it...which is beyond me for trying to figure out why he wants to be out in the hot sun all day, crawling in and out of cars, snooping under hoods, creeping on the hot asphault to get a peek at the under carriage, etc., etc. But you have to understand that these guys live and breathe this stuff and it is good to just let them get it out of their system once a year!

I did do some shopping. I made the mistake of going to Zionsville on Monday. The mistake was that Monday is the day that several of the shops are closed. But I did find a few open and found a
couple of things I couldn't live without! One day I made a fast trip into Keystone Mall & found photo albums that I like on sale, which was a nice surpise. But down the road, the primitive/country shop that I always like to visit was closed...for good...not a primitive thing in sight! Another afternoon I finally found Metropolis Mall at Plainfield. I loved it--& hated it! I loved it because it is a beautiful outdoor mall with several shops that I like to breeze through. I loved the outdoor concept and beautiful flowers and landscaping around it. But I hated it because it was 93 degrees with dripping humidity and you had to walk quite a ways in between shops. Doubt that I ever go back...

Bob's day at O'Reilly Raceway Park

Wednesday, while the guys went to the drag strip, some of us grandma's had a luncheon at the Hotel. One of the ladies of the group did a little "card making" seminar afterwards which was a lot of fun. Just imagine, trying to teach about 25 gray headed grandmas how to fold, cut, tape, and stamp something when most of them didn't have a clue what they were doing! It was hiliarious--& I'm definitely glad I wasn't the teacher!

Wednesday I realized that the only meal Bob & I had eaten together was the picnic on Monday afternoon. And I had made plans to eat at all of my favorite restaurants! I had sort of been existing on snack junk that I always pack to have in the room. I was craving "real food"! We finally ventured out and found a new Outback Steakhouse not too far away where we had a delicious meal. Thanks Bob...but you owe me a couple more!

We met new people at this Convention, several of them from South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. Because--the previous owner lived in Speerfish, SD and that was where all of their previous Conventions had been held. It was an adjustment for everyone attending. Hopefully the Club will grow and both groups can merge their ideas. I must say that they were a very friendly bunch of people!

Enough of that car stuff! I'm through with Conventions for the year. Most of you younger-lady-blogger-lurkers, probably don't give a hoot about this post or the pictures. But this one is for Bob. (I think he sneaks a peak at this every once in a while just to see if I'm telling anything I shouldn't..)

So, we are "Back Home Again in Indiana"!!!

P.S. My old faithful digital camera died on Monday night at the picnic! Therefore...not very many people pictures this time--& Bob didn't even bother to take any in the parking lot. Now I get to go camera shopping!!!


Karen Walden said...

Sounds and looks just like our old summer vacations!
I can't believe that one guys car shop. Those little replica's of his town are really neat!
Glad you got to eat at Outback! You should've ordered "Shrooms" for an appetizer though!! Yummy!
Glad you were able to get away even if it was only Indy! And...always glad to have you back home!

Jenny said...

Welcome back! No place like home!

Karen Walden said...

By the way...are you SURE your camera batteries aren't just dead and you are just really wanting a new camera?!?! (With a better zoom???)

Sheila said...

Well...I have to admit that I do want a new camera! But I've tried 3 different sets of batteries & it won't work. I can view the pictures I've taken, but can't take any. Right now the zoom lens is extended & I can't get it to turn on to close it up. It's been acting weird & eating up batteries for a few weeks. (Unforturnately, Bob has a perfectly good digital camera that I'm sure he will let me borrow!)

And really is good to be home. I don't like to be gone for long anymore...takes to long to catch up!

Lady J said...

Loved the post but I do like looking at cars, got that from my Daddy! My sister-she hates it. I am glad you had a good time. Is that museum open for the public? I would love to go sometime. Welcome home, missed you Wed night.

Sheila said...

Janet...No, I don't think the "museum" is open to the public. It is across the street from O'Reilly Raceway Park & at Litton Trailer Sales. I'm sure if you went there shopping, you might be able to persuade them to let you in for a peek!

Denise said...

Sounds like some fun time away from home. I don't like Metropolis for the exact same reason as you. I prefer to stay fresh & cool while I'm shopping. :)