Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Double Wedding...

This is a re-post of an entry I did last year about our parents wedding/anniversary. I wish there would have been more photographs...

Today would have been our parents 63rd wedding anniversary. Somehow I never even looked at a calendar, and for the first time in a long time, the 4th slipped by without me noticing.

Mom & Dad were around long enough to celebrate 56 years together. Aunt Hazel died suddenly in March, 1970, so she and Uncle Ranny only celebrated 24 years together.

It was just after World War II & both grooms-to-be had returned from serving a tour of duty. The two Fulkerson sisters were both madly in love (at least that's what I'm assuming!) & wanted a summer wedding. Times were hard & they decided on a double wedding on the family farm.

It was a family affair! Sister, Paulene, sang "In The Chapel in the Moonlight" while niece, Hazel Dean, played the upright piano. Nephews Russell & Philip were the ring bearers. The story was told that the boys balked and had to be bribed with quarters in order to get them to fulfill their duties! And the mother of the brides baked a cake for the occasion!

Ranny & Hazel--Duane & Darlene
& the Rev. Schulz
with the ornery ring bearers--Philip & Russell!

with the brides parents, Charles & Exie Fulkerson

with the brides grandparents--Samuel & Linnie Pemberton

Duane & Darlene Brown (my parents) Hazel & Ranny Burks

-Paulene & Bud Palmer, Thelma & R.T. Liddell

the 4 Fulkerson sisters!

Hazel Dean, Darlene, Hazel, Paulene, Thelma, & Exie...mother of the brides!

Smile ladies!

Mom never expressed any regrets of not having a fancy church wedding. The small family wedding seemed to be what pleased her. I remember asking her why they wore dark dresses. She said after the war it was custom to wear darker colors, and she and Hazel chose navy blue dresses that were similar.

Dean, The Pianist!

There was no professional photographer and all we have are a few snapshots. But from the photos that we have, it looks like it was a happy day for the two couples!

The Ring Bearers!

The father of the bride, he had something else to say! A few years ago Mom was talking about her wedding. She told us that "Papa" said it was the saddest day in his life.....as he lost two daughters in one day! I'm sure he was teasing at the time as he loved both of his sons-in-law and welcomed them to the family.

If you still have your parents, be sure to celebrate those landmark years! I'm so glad we did a 50th anniversary for Mom & Dad. Little did we know then that we would not be able to do a 60th celebration for them.

Are there anniversaries in heaven? Perhaps not. But in our earthly, mortal minds, we can think that these two couples might be holding hands, walking down streets of gold, thinking of that happy day long ago.


Karen Walden said...

I thought of Grandma and Grandpa knowing that today was their special day! I'll always remember that both of my grandparents were married 50 years the year we got married!

Sheila said...

Yes, those few weeks were very exciting...your wedding & then two 50th anniversaries to celebrate! Remember going camping at Branson for their 40th anniversary?

Karen Walden said...

Yep, just thinking of that today too! Was that the time we climbed that bridge?!

Sheila said...

I think so. You would have been 12..sound about right?

Karen Walden said...

Yes, because I was 22 when I got married and that was the same year they had their 50th!