Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to School...

Back to school even affects Grandma!

I can hardly believe that Kerrigan is already in third grade...& Parker is beginning in Kindergarten! Those past few years flew by way too fast.

Parker is just beginning and Kerrigan is changing schools, so it is a new start for both of them. They are attending the same school but a courtyard separates them, along with over 800 students attending, and they may never run into each other! Too bad as they really are big buddies.

Since Mommy was working on Wednesday evening and Daddy was in Memphis on a business trip, I got to take Parker for Orientation Night. Parker was the big shot as he had already been there with Mommy and knew right where to go. We walked into his room & he promptly gave his teacher a hug. I do think she was a little surprised!

Parker's 1st day of Kindergarten

Now, you must understand that we have had very little contact with Public Schools for years and years. "Way back in the old days"...I went to a church school during my high school years. Both Karen & Jeff attended all of their school years at our own Christian Day School. Later they both attended IUPUC--but by then they were grown and on their own. Anyway...I guess I had a little "culture shock" on Wednesday evening. And by that, I don't mean it racial in any way.

As I sat and watched Parker get acquainted with his new room, I was able to watch the parents coming in with kids in tow. (We had been advised that it should be a sibling free night...but I don't think the majority of the parents got the message! There were kids everywhere.) I sat there and about fell out of the tiny little chair I had plopped down on, when one of the young mothers came in, strapless top showing off the angel wings tattooed on her shoulders, along with numerous other tattoos all over her arms. Her companion looked like he just got out of school himself and shouldn't have a kid entering Kindergarten. There were sweet little Asian girls with parents that you just knew worked at the Big Employer here in town, and no doubt these little girls would be excelling in their class. Another little boy came by & I tried to get Parker to talk to him. Parker said "he says bad words"...and I asked Parker how he knew that. Parker said "...because he plays on our street & I hear hims say bad words." Well! I definitely was getting myself an education.

Somehow, through the maize of hallways, April and Kerrigan found us and the cousins got to visit for a little while. Kerrigan is the shy one and she and Parker are best of friends. Parker never meets a stranger. Too bad they aren't in the same grade and then they could watch out for each other.

Kerrigan--ready for 3rd Grade!

So, we are off on a "grand adventure" in this new world to us of public education. I remember being shocked when Kerrigan came home from school one day, telling me that they had a drill at school, practicing what to do if a "bad person" came in their room! It tore my heart out to think that our little children live in a day and age where that has to be a part of their life. But that could happen anywhere, even in our private, protected, sheltered church schools. We do live in a different world than when this gray haired granny grew up!

May this be a year that our children will learn much, grow a lot, develop good friendships, and be safe from harm.

Happy School Days, kids! Grandma will be expecting lots of A's on those report cards!!! :)


Karen Walden said...

That's a hilarious story about orientation night! You have lived a completely sheltered life Mom!! :)

Hopefully Parker will be a little witness to his classmates and teacher this year! Remember last year when he told his preschool teacher..."You're not supposed to say Gosh!" I about died when they told me that at parent teacher conference!

I am sure he'll say whatever is on his little mind!!!

Sheila said...

I bet Parker sets a few of his classmates on the straight & narrow!

The funny thing was, I didn't even think a thing about going, and that there would be a "diverse" group of people there. And I thought I was pretty opened minded. Guess I found out how much of a prude I really am. :(

Carol said...

I'm pretty sure Parker will quickly become the Parkside Pirate's resident missionary!! ; )

Sheila said...

Wonder if he will try to pray before his snack?

Carol said...

More than likely, he will. Jake still prays before he eats his lunch at school. (I can't vouch for Kylie) ; )
Jake even apologized for staying up past bedtime Wednesday night. He said he was reading Bible and didn't realize how late it was. : )

Karen Walden said...

Good for Jake! He may be OP's next Missionary or preacher!!! ;)

Sheila said...

April...I tried to download Kerrigan's picture you sent & my computer wouldn't let me! If you want to send it to Karen, she can change it for me. Sorry!!!

I'm not sending any emails until I get my computer checked out.