Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Father-in-law

On September 6th, my Father-in-law will be celebrating pastoring our church for 40 years. Quite an accomplishment indeed!

We are planning a church celebration on the 7th, which has been mentioned on Karen's blog. So, we are busy with preparations for memories of the past 40 years! Believe me....lots of water has gone under that bridge.

Today, in our local paper, there is an interview honoring Dad/Rev. Thompson. You may access a video at

If you want to read the article, you can email me how to access it at

Later, I will try to write down some of my memories of the family & happenings in the parsonage over the years.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer's End...

You can almost smell the change of seasons in the late summer's air.

As I was getting ready to do some outdoor chores today, it seemed that I was hearing the chirping of the birds & the buzz of the insects telling me that summer is almost gone. I'm not quite ready to let it go just yet, and I know that there are probably more hot & humid Indiana summer days to come, but I'm also looking forward to cool weather & less to do outdoors. I love the change of seasons & don't think I would want to live where we would miss out on the beautiful fall colors & even the winter to come.

This time of year also makes me sad. The late days of August remind me of my Dad's last visit he sat in the recliner & watched his great-grandchildren he held our little colic-y Carter & soothed him with his singing of "Oh My Darling Clementine"...and how he told me goodbye at the airport & said he wouldn't be back. He sensed what was to come.

Autumn also brings back the memories of Mom, of how she couldn't let that season pass without doing her "fall cleaning"! She would make sure the windows where spotless, the dust bunnies were caught out from all of the corners of the house, and the carpets were cleaned. I don't think I'll ever clean a window without being reminded of Mom's faithful seasonal cleaning. But somehow, in the busyness of my life, I'm not quite the housekeeper that she was!

This time of year also reminds me of new things! Parker was born in September & he was the beginning of a healing for my heart. And then there is my baby sister, Carol...born that September when I was 15! So I must get out of my melancholy mood & go pull up the weeds in my gardens, grab the Bounty paper towels & herbal Windex & get to work! There is much fall cleaning to be done around this place & it won't happen while I think of times gone by.

Have a fun filled Labor Day Weekend & enjoy the season's change!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jayhawks in Hoosierland...

We have company from Kansas!!!
My sister & niece flew in Thursday afternoon and we have been way too busy to think about posting anything. But I thought I'd just give you an update to what's going on around our house.

Carol, Kelcie & I have been having tons of fun catching up on what's been happening in our lives the last few months. This is the first time Kelcie has ever come out without the rest of the kids...& I think she is enjoying herself!

Today we made it a "girls day out", left the guys with the kids, & we ladies headed for Nashville. Amazingly, it was April's first time to shop in Nashville! She thinks she may have to go back. We hit the shops, found the candy stores for Kerrigan, bought a few "fall" decorations, had lunch at The Artist Colony Inn, shopped a little more....wore ourselves out in the heat & headed home. It was a fun day & our young mommies enjoyed shopping without the little ones tagging along.

Thanks, Jeff & Jonathan!!! We owe you one....

Kerrigan was a good little shopper & didn't even complain about all of the walking & the heat!

Lunch at The Artist Colony Inn

April, Carol, Kerrigan, Kelcie, & me...Karen was the photographer!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nine years later...

Bob's sister, Vickie, was only 12 years old when we got married. That little girl grew up, met & dated Steve, fell in love & got married nine years after we did.

And if I have any photos of her wedding, they are in my boxes of slides--that I someday want to have put on CD's!

She had a beautiful wedding too. Her colors were yellow & her attendants carried bouquets of daisies, Vickie's favorite flower. I'm not even sure who her attendants were since I can't look at a picture & try to figure it out. I think one was her friend, Cathy, and maybe another friend Terry. Steve's attendants were his brother, Rick, & Steve Thompson. They were married in the Chapel of First Christian Church. (Vickie--you may correct me on that if I'm wrong!)
Here is a history lesson for some of you too young to remember. Do you know where our City offices 3rd & Franklin? When we came here that building was The Surrey of the nicer hotels in town. And that is where Vickie's reception was held! Several years later, the city bought the hotel & turned it into offices.

Happy 32 anniversary to The Bests! I can't believe it's been that long already.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Honeymoon in Branson!

Forty one years ago today Bob & I got married. Now you really do know we are old!!!

Our wedding wasn't very elaborate but I thought it was beautiful. My "color" was blue...and I have no idea why because that has never been one of my favorite colors. My Mom & Aunt Paulene made the bridesmaid dresses & I remember choosing the fabric and thought the blue brocade was so pretty. Evidently that is why the blue color was chosen. You will notice they were "street length". We thought long dresses were too formal, & I think my wedding was one of the last in our circle of friends with short dresses. They also made the lovely hats!

The dresses of blue brocade

But this isn't about the wedding.

We got married at 7:30 on Saturday night. And I have no idea why we waited so late either! Maybe we wanted to make sure the candles would glow in the evening light...who knows.

and we are off & running!

Being the romantics we are (do I hear Karen laughing...) we spent our first night in our apartment. The idea of going to a motel didn't even enter our minds! We had a few things in the frig, ready for the event, and we had breakfast at home on Sunday morning--Pillsbury Orange Rolls! Once again, we didn't even think to go eat out.

We were getting ready to head out on our honeymoon & knew Bob's mom was home with Uncle Brayton & Aunt Imogene, so decided to go say goodbye to them. ( I remember being very embarrassed to walk in that room.....everyone knew I was a new bride!!! BLUSH!!!)

We said our hellos & goodbyes and went across town to my parents. There we were greeted by a yard full of aunts, uncles & cousins having a picnic under the shade tree in the front yard. Mom had taken advantage of everyone coming to town & made a family reunion out of it.

As a wedding gift, Bob's dad told us that he would pay for our honeymoon. We just needed to keep track of what we spent in motels & food & he would give us the money. How about that for a nice gift?

Our plans were to head to The Lake of the Ozarks. I had vacationed there lots of times with my family, but Bob had never been there. Of course we had no motel reservations and no idea what we were going to do. Down the road we went.

Our orignal map!

Bob marked it to show how I led him to the wrong destination!

I had been on my Senior Trip just a few short months prior so I thought I knew which roads to take and became the navigator. (Bob's first mistake...) We were down the road quite a ways when I decided to try to read a map & see how much farther we had to go. Much to my surprise I realized I was not directing us to The Lake of the Ozarks, but to Branson...the place of my Senior Trip! I don't think Bob had ever been there either & he decided it really didn't make any difference, so on to Branson we went!

Now it was 1967, long before "The Strip" of entertainment & restaurants of every kind had hit Branson. But there were a couple of music shows, Table Rock Lake, Silver Dollar City, Rock Away Beach, "The Shepherd of the Hills" play, & other things to do. We sort of retraced my steps of the Senior Trip. One day we went to Rock Away Beach & rode paddle boats. We went to Silver Dollar City which was much like it is today. And we had to go spelunking through Marvel Cave! We went to see "The Baldnobbers", a hilarious bunch of country singers, that just happen to be still singing today. (Well, they may not be the original group...) So, for a couple of young newlyweds, there was plenty to do in the few days we were there. I think we got there on Sunday afternoon & went home on Tuesday night so we both could go back to work.

I've searched high & low & cannot find my honeymoon pictures. I think I have many 6 or 8, and they aren't very good ones. But I did find a box of keepsakes.

I think I stole the "do not disturb" sign!!!

We had a wonderful time, did everything we wanted to do, ate at the places we wanted to eat, and stayed in what we thought was a very nice Best Western Motel. (I was used to a fold-out tent camper!) We bought a Bible in a traditional Ozark cedar box and that was probably about our only souvenir.

So, how much do you think we spent? Would you believe $50.00? That would have been for two nights in our motel, food, & maybe some entertainment, and probably for a little gas money too! Somehow I don't think Dad would make that same offer today!

Oh yes....we also drove the '62 Chevy which we still have today! Man... I wish I could find those pictures!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Computer Is Sick!

I'm not very happy right now! My computer has been acting up all day and I do believe it has a virus!

I needed to print off some invitations for Pastor T's 40th anniversary celebration...& it literally took me all day! At first I thought it was my printer acting up but then I started getting some weird messages...about checking my Norton Antivirus...unable to complete task..etc. Now I can't even locate my Norton program. I think my computer ate it!

Anyway...I won't be sending anyone emails for a few days. For now I can get online but I don't want to spread any contagious file eating bug, so will leave you alone--at least until Monday. My handy dandy computer man lives just down the road & he has had to make a few house calls here before. (He remembers me as the lady that has way too many picture files stored on her computer!)

At least I can blog! I don't think the ole bug will reach out and get your from here.

Signing off for now...and I think I'd better go back up a few photo files before they disappear too!

Back to School...

Back to school even affects Grandma!

I can hardly believe that Kerrigan is already in third grade...& Parker is beginning in Kindergarten! Those past few years flew by way too fast.

Parker is just beginning and Kerrigan is changing schools, so it is a new start for both of them. They are attending the same school but a courtyard separates them, along with over 800 students attending, and they may never run into each other! Too bad as they really are big buddies.

Since Mommy was working on Wednesday evening and Daddy was in Memphis on a business trip, I got to take Parker for Orientation Night. Parker was the big shot as he had already been there with Mommy and knew right where to go. We walked into his room & he promptly gave his teacher a hug. I do think she was a little surprised!

Parker's 1st day of Kindergarten

Now, you must understand that we have had very little contact with Public Schools for years and years. "Way back in the old days"...I went to a church school during my high school years. Both Karen & Jeff attended all of their school years at our own Christian Day School. Later they both attended IUPUC--but by then they were grown and on their own. Anyway...I guess I had a little "culture shock" on Wednesday evening. And by that, I don't mean it racial in any way.

As I sat and watched Parker get acquainted with his new room, I was able to watch the parents coming in with kids in tow. (We had been advised that it should be a sibling free night...but I don't think the majority of the parents got the message! There were kids everywhere.) I sat there and about fell out of the tiny little chair I had plopped down on, when one of the young mothers came in, strapless top showing off the angel wings tattooed on her shoulders, along with numerous other tattoos all over her arms. Her companion looked like he just got out of school himself and shouldn't have a kid entering Kindergarten. There were sweet little Asian girls with parents that you just knew worked at the Big Employer here in town, and no doubt these little girls would be excelling in their class. Another little boy came by & I tried to get Parker to talk to him. Parker said "he says bad words"...and I asked Parker how he knew that. Parker said "...because he plays on our street & I hear hims say bad words." Well! I definitely was getting myself an education.

Somehow, through the maize of hallways, April and Kerrigan found us and the cousins got to visit for a little while. Kerrigan is the shy one and she and Parker are best of friends. Parker never meets a stranger. Too bad they aren't in the same grade and then they could watch out for each other.

Kerrigan--ready for 3rd Grade!

So, we are off on a "grand adventure" in this new world to us of public education. I remember being shocked when Kerrigan came home from school one day, telling me that they had a drill at school, practicing what to do if a "bad person" came in their room! It tore my heart out to think that our little children live in a day and age where that has to be a part of their life. But that could happen anywhere, even in our private, protected, sheltered church schools. We do live in a different world than when this gray haired granny grew up!

May this be a year that our children will learn much, grow a lot, develop good friendships, and be safe from harm.

Happy School Days, kids! Grandma will be expecting lots of A's on those report cards!!! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Mostly about Phil...

Photo taken at the 50th Anniversary picnic
for Duane & Darlene Brown--August, 1996
in & around the favorite climbing tree!

Cousins! We have become quite an extension of the Fulkerson Family Tree. Who would ever have thought that the marriage of our grandparents,Charles & Exie, way back in October, 1911, would have resulted in so many branches of the family tree. The roots run deep!

Grandma & Grandpa Fulkerson with the first batch of cousins...
baby Steve, Sheila, Luana, Hazel Dean

Philip, Cherie, & Russell
-about 1952-

As a family, we have always enjoyed our cousin relationship. My parents were the ones that remained in the hometown where Grandma lived until 1966. So, when it was summer time, Christmas time, or just time for a visit, we were always excited that aunts, uncles and cousins would be coming to stay with us.

I remember the uncles coming in the winter time to go hunting, and later in the early spring to gather in our hometown, leaving the aunts & cousins, and heading to southern Missouri for fishing trips.

Summer would mean that at least some of them would be coming to Hallsville for vacation time. We would always have a barbeque, family dinners, with lots of time for visiting. Dad would drag out the old White Mountain crank handled freezer & Mom would whip up a batch of delicious Boone County variety banana ice cream.

"The Forty Nine-er's"!-Cherie, Sheila & Lulu

Dean & Russ were the first, children of Aunt Thelma. Then came Philip only 18 months after Russell, the
son of Aunt Paulene. Then there was a long stretch without any new family births for 7 years. The year of 1949 was a "boomer" year as I was born in March, Luana in October-Aunt Paulene's daughter--and cousin Cherie in November, the only child of Unce Millard. Then my brother Steve came along. Uncle Jim's 3 children were next...Sandy, Craig & Pam. Back to Mom with our sister Carol...and once again Uncle Jim's turn with Kim. That rounded out our branch of first cousins. And I won't even go into the second and thirds!

But that was all a long time ago and things are changing in our families. We cousins are aging---at least the first batch of us are!--and things are beginning to happen to us physically. Earlier this year we lost our first "first"cousin and it sort of hit me in the face to realize that none of our days are guaranteed. Craig left this world unexpectedly, laying down for a nap, when something went wrong and his life sadly slipped away from us. He was only 49.

Philip a little boy growing up in Moberly, Missouri

Previous to this, two of our second cousins were tragically taken away. One in a storm related accident and another in a car wreck. Both were too young to die.

Luana & Phil...ready to trapse through the tombstones!

Now Philip is seriously ill. If you saw him face to face, he would tell you that cigarettes have ruined his health. He is only 66 years old, but has the body of an old man. He has to gasp for his breath and weighs way too little for a man of his age. Just this week, after spending several days in a hospital, he has been moved to a nursing home with the hopes of being able to regain enough strenght to return to his beloved apartment.

Grandma's Hoosier Cabinet

that Phil rescued & refinished!

Phil is our family historian. If you could see his home, you would see the walls lined with photographs of ancestors from both sides of his family. Years ago he was able to purchase our grandmother's old Hoosier cabinet and has filled it with antiques. He has collected butter churns, butter molds, and oil lanterns. He has copies of genealogy records that he actually researched at the courthouses. Phil can go on and on with stories of family members we never even met.

Phil's "Wall of Fame"

I'm hoping that the next few weeks or months bring in improvement in Phil's health & he will be able to return home. He is homesick already. Phil was raised in a Holiness preacher's home and knows about the things of God. Somehow through the years, he never felt that God spoke to him. Hopefully now, he can realize that God does care for him and he will willingly give his heart to our Heavenly Father. He has a rich heritage in Heaven & we don't want to see him miss it.

Only Aunt Thelma is left of all of the parents of "the cousins", she being almost 96 years old & in a nursing home herself. So we no longer get together very often as cousins. But that doesn't mean that the love for one another is any less. You know how thick that Missouri blood runs!

More cousin stories to come...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Carter's Caper

Today was my day to have Carter & Brycen. It was a beautiful day and much to the delight of the boys, we spent most of it outdoors. Carter would stay out all day if I would let him! Brycen loves it too, but he tends to wander into the neighbors yard & I'm forever hollering out his name. (He loves to hide behind a tree in the back yard & runs when I finally see him!)

I actually got some yard work done--with the help of a couple of little boys who love to dig in the dirt. We had riding toys all over the yard, a toy lawn mower, more toys, and Brycen even found a couple of American flags. At one point, the boys were marching around the neighbors tree with flags over their shoulders, just like they were in a parade.

After their afternoon nap, Carter begged to go outdoors again. I decided we might as well enjoy the nice weather, so out we went. Grandpa Bob came home & walked out in the side yard to see the boys. We stood there talking & Carter disappeared.

I called his name and he peaked around our huge maple tree in the front yard. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of him...undies & pants down to his knees...shooting a stream towards the tree! I laughed out loud & Bob headed for the door! Carter came to see what I wanted, innocent as could be. I asked him if he went potty outside very often & he replied "sure"...just like there was nothing to it! What was so funny was that he thought he was hiding from us, but didn't realize he was putting on quite a show for our neighbors to see! I have no idea if anyone spotted him or not.

Another memory for my scrapbook....

I sure miss my camera...& wish I would have had it handy today!

The guilty little rascal!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Home again!

I'm always glad to be back home, yet dread getting back into the daily routines. You know the drill....mountain of laundry to do, mail to sort, weeds to be pulled, yard to be mowed, groceries to be bought. But it's home and I love it, hard work and all.

We did have a good vacation waaaaay up in Indy, although we went our separate ways and seldom saw each other during the daylight hours. That is the way we want it though. Bob gets to enjoy his car buddies and all of the automotive talk that goes along with it. And I get to go about my exploring. Except this time we were in familiar territory and I didn't dig up anything too exciting. Bob got up and hit the car show lot while I was still snoozing away. I don't think I got up much before 9 a.m. while we were gone. I was in a lazy vacationing mood.

Bob & our friend, Jerry Acheson

& Jerry's 1957 Chevy truck

Monday evening our group cruised over to Bruce Litton's Trailer Sales where he hosted a picnic for our car club. Bruce is a top fuel drag racer, a Christian!, a Chevy collector, along with a collector of about anything that reminds himself of his childhood in Oneida, Tennessee. Around his car shop display room, he has built a replica of his home town which holds tons of '50s & '60s memorabilia. And our gray-headed group of car bums loved it! We wandered through his "hometown" and saw all kinds of things that stirred up memories of our own growing up years. To top it off, we had a great barbeque meal. Litton's Car Museum

Tuesday was "Show 'N Shine" day which kept Bob out in the parking lot all day. He always helps with the judging and enjoys every minute of it...which is beyond me for trying to figure out why he wants to be out in the hot sun all day, crawling in and out of cars, snooping under hoods, creeping on the hot asphault to get a peek at the under carriage, etc., etc. But you have to understand that these guys live and breathe this stuff and it is good to just let them get it out of their system once a year!

I did do some shopping. I made the mistake of going to Zionsville on Monday. The mistake was that Monday is the day that several of the shops are closed. But I did find a few open and found a
couple of things I couldn't live without! One day I made a fast trip into Keystone Mall & found photo albums that I like on sale, which was a nice surpise. But down the road, the primitive/country shop that I always like to visit was closed...for good...not a primitive thing in sight! Another afternoon I finally found Metropolis Mall at Plainfield. I loved it--& hated it! I loved it because it is a beautiful outdoor mall with several shops that I like to breeze through. I loved the outdoor concept and beautiful flowers and landscaping around it. But I hated it because it was 93 degrees with dripping humidity and you had to walk quite a ways in between shops. Doubt that I ever go back...

Bob's day at O'Reilly Raceway Park

Wednesday, while the guys went to the drag strip, some of us grandma's had a luncheon at the Hotel. One of the ladies of the group did a little "card making" seminar afterwards which was a lot of fun. Just imagine, trying to teach about 25 gray headed grandmas how to fold, cut, tape, and stamp something when most of them didn't have a clue what they were doing! It was hiliarious--& I'm definitely glad I wasn't the teacher!

Wednesday I realized that the only meal Bob & I had eaten together was the picnic on Monday afternoon. And I had made plans to eat at all of my favorite restaurants! I had sort of been existing on snack junk that I always pack to have in the room. I was craving "real food"! We finally ventured out and found a new Outback Steakhouse not too far away where we had a delicious meal. Thanks Bob...but you owe me a couple more!

We met new people at this Convention, several of them from South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. Because--the previous owner lived in Speerfish, SD and that was where all of their previous Conventions had been held. It was an adjustment for everyone attending. Hopefully the Club will grow and both groups can merge their ideas. I must say that they were a very friendly bunch of people!

Enough of that car stuff! I'm through with Conventions for the year. Most of you younger-lady-blogger-lurkers, probably don't give a hoot about this post or the pictures. But this one is for Bob. (I think he sneaks a peak at this every once in a while just to see if I'm telling anything I shouldn't..)

So, we are "Back Home Again in Indiana"!!!

P.S. My old faithful digital camera died on Monday night at the picnic! Therefore...not very many people pictures this time--& Bob didn't even bother to take any in the parking lot. Now I get to go camera shopping!!!