Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ready for a new month!

Finally! July is here and we can flip the calendar page away from June. What a month we just experienced! I don't think any of us will ever forget that fateful day, just 3 short weeks ago, when our lives here in Columbus forever changed. I'll never hear the rumblings of thunder again without remembering the flood waters that swept across our city, taking away earthly possessions of many, opening the hearts and helpful hands of others, and bringing our whole community together...caring what happens to each other.

Saturday night we went to a gospel concert by Brian Free & Assurance--thanks to someone who bought all of the tickets and then gave them away!! Several flood victims were there and some gave a word of testimony. One man stated that he lost everything he had, yet it didn't really matter as it all could be replaced at Walmart or Lowes! It made me think how insignificant our possessions are...that isn't really what matters anymore.

On to a happier note! Following are a few pictures of good times...

April can't believe she isn't windy enough to blow out her candles!!! : )

and Jeff can't believe that his bride is 30!!!

Best buddies...Carter & Parker

Brycen would rather eat than pose!

and Peyton barely holding still for Grandma!

Paige loves her purple plate! (She definitely loves "girl" things. :)

and Mary Jane and I are now officially married to a couple of

"Old Men"!

celebrating at a church Fellowship on Sunday evening

This will be a busy week...getting ready for Mom Thompson's 80th birthday celebration. July brings more birthdays in our family and wedding anniversaries. So I'm sure I'll find more exciting things to bring you up to date!

Happy July!!!


Carol said...

I love the picture of April grimacing over her candles! I know how she feels. Just think how depressed she would have been if someone had sent her "over the hill" cards for 14 days before her big 3-0!!!

That' funny that you and Mary Jane are both married to oldies!!

Let me know how Shirley does in surgery today.

Sheila said...

I'm sure April is thrilled with my picture post! :) I couldn't resist.

Mary Jane & I have to be careful as our Old birthday's aren't too far off. :( Of course you'll note....I'm the youngest of the old bunch!!! :)