Monday, July 7, 2008

Our birthday lady!

Today is Bob's mother's 80th birthday!

Saturday we celebrated with a family gathering at our house. All but three of our immediate family were able to come, along with her two sisters, and other extended family members. It turned out to be a very good day for her & it seemed that she enjoyed being with her loved ones. There is probably nothing she would rather do than spend time with her family.

Bonnie & her children-
Stephen, Vickie, Bob, & Kevin
It is hard to see our parents age. Bonnie was always a lady that worked from daylight until way past dark! She loved her flowers & spent many summer hours working out in her yard. Now she takes no interest in it. She has been the "Pastor's wife" at our church for almost 40 years now, but no longer is able to take care of those responsibilities. She used to spend hours and hours each week talking on the phone with her ladies from the church, listening, counseling, laughing, crying, & sometimes praying. But now she seldom takes phone calls. Her days were spent caring for others...making numerous hospital calls, visiting the elderly, taking special treats to those in need. Now she no longer drives, but does enjoy riding around with Dad, sometimes joining him on his visitation.

Bonnie & her sisters- Mary & Donna

Her life has changed in the last few years, but she seems happy & content to be at home. We hope she will be able to celebrate several more birthdays surrounded by those who love her.

Bonnie & her soul mate!

with grandchildren & great grandchildren

Parker, Jonathan, Peyton, Karen & Paige

Carter, April, Jeff & Brycen

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you very much!


Carol said...

What a sweet tribute to an incredible woman!

I LOVE the picture of Jeff and Grandma Thompson.

Lady J said...

Do you know this is the first time I have seen inside Bob's garage? It looks cool. I am glad Sis Thompson had a good day and enjoyed her family. I too like the picture of Jeff and his grandmother. Dad is back at Silver Oaks as of today.

Angie Davis said...

Happy Birthday, Sis. Thompson!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Sis. Thompson!

Steven would love Bob's garage and cars. His room is done in old cars theme....

Sheila said...


Bob has a collection of 10--I think. All Chevy's except one 1965 GTO. He has a '57-'58-'60-'61-'62-'63-'64-&'71 Chevy & a '67 Corvette. I'll have to blog about them some day....boring!

Nettie's Nook said...

The picture of Jeff with Aunt Bonnie is priceless. I have pictures of Katressa & Pop Pop the last time they were together. Aunt Bonnie has definitely been a blessing.

Denise said...

Awwww, it looks like she had a very sweet birthday.