Monday, July 21, 2008

My Happy Bags!

For those of you that know me...would you think that I recycle? day a few years ago, Bob was going to make a trip to the dump and insisted I ride along to enjoy the experience! Yuck!!!! There was a mountain--& I do mean mountain--of trash that we had to drive up, where Bob dumped his load of construction debris. I never in my wildest dreams could imagine how much trash is brought in daily to our waste site!

As I sat there, trying not to breathe in the smelly aroma surrounding us, I began to think about what I could do to help that mountain not grow quite so quickly. Since then we have tried to recycle what we can without being fanatics about it.

After a trip to the grocery store...most things fit in my totes!

Newspapers and magazines go in a local bin that benefits some organization. (I don't care who it is...just so they are getting the job done.)

For years we have recycled our aluminum cans. Bob loads them up every once in a while, along with aluminum from his jobs, heads for Kroots and gets himself a little pocket money.

We save glass, metal & plastic containers that Bob totes to the bins in the Kroger parking lot...more often than you would think! (Our plastic use has increased tremendously in the recent months due to "chocky milk" consumption around here by our little munchkins!)

And for years I've saved the plastic shopping bags & recycled them at Jay C's. (They always know when I've been there as I fill up their barrel. :-)

So when I saw an online shopping link for "BHappy Bags" on Angie's blog, I had to check it out. I now am the proud owner of 2 very pretty bags that will hold a ton of groceries, along with a couple of cheapies I picked up at our local store. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used them as they were quite easy to carry...& I didn't have all of those plastic bags to get rid of! My only problem is trying to remember to take them in with me! Several times I've gotten quite disgusted with my forgetful self when I get to the check out line & realize my Happy Bags are in the car.

Oh, I'm a long way from being a flag waving Green Earth person...but I figure that my little effort will help in helping our dump not to fill up quite so fast. I'm definitely not a tree hugger...but I am a lover of nature & beauty. I just wish I had started carrying my Happy Bags years ago!

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Carol said...

You GO, Green Sis!
Love the pretty new bags! They definitely look like Sheila bags!

Denise said...

I wouldn't consider myself a "tree-hugger" yet or anything either but I try to recycle what I can too.

I love your bags. Much cuter than the ones I've seen. I'm going to check them out! :)

Angie said...

Yippee--another recycler! I just bought an adorable bag from BHappy too. If it wasn't for my kid in diapers, I would never use plastic bags...

Lady J said...

Are you trying to put a guilt trip on me for all the platic drinking bottles I dispose of at the landfill????? lol. Actually, my neighbor Rhonda has already put me on a this trip. I just need to get started separating the stuff. I certainly have plenty of bags I could use for groceries.

Sheila said...

I'm trying to put everybody on a guilt trip! :) We have to save this ole planet from my grandbabies!

Sherry Gates said...

I do try to do some recycling but not everything and you sure won't find me out with a picketing group! UH, surely you meant "for" your grandkids and not "from" they can't be that bad. If so, they gotta get it from their dad since we know Karen is a good girl! I am kidding of course!

Dorcas said...

This was a good post!! How true!! We need to do what we can to help for the future.