Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Number Four for Carter!

Happy Birthday to our little Carter Jeffry! He is four years old today.

Carter got a 4 wheeler for his birthday but it is down at Grandma Karen's so I didn't get to see him ride it--yet! He loves to go to Grandma Karens out in the country...& ride the big 4 wheeler. Happy # 4 to our special boy...the spitting image of his Daddy!!!

We love you, Carter!


Karen Walden said...

What a little doll! Happy Birthday Carter! We thought of you today! We'll get your present to you as soon as we get home!
Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Karen, and cousins, Parker, Peyton & Paige!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Little Guy! You look EXACTLY like a very ornery little boy I used to know (and quite a bit like an old man I used to know, as well).

It's impossible to believe you are 4 years old already!

Be careful on that 4 wheeler, Little Cutie!

Uncle Garry, Aunt Carol, Kelcie, Kylie and Jake