Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy memories...

It has been 12 years ago since Karen & Jonathan's wedding! Hard to believe that they are celebrating that many years together already. We wish them a very happy anniversary & fun week in Tennessee! May they have many, many more anniversaries to celebrate in the years to come.

I will always cherish those months that Karen & I had getting ready for her wedding. We were always close as mother & daughter, but that time brought many fun times, tearful times, sweet bonding together, and helped us grow to also be best of friends. I'm sure at times she felt like wringing my nosey neck...but hopefully some of those memories have faded away.
This was taken on the first day we went shopping for her wedding gown. Karen knew exactly what she wanted, found it, bought it & brought it home....all in one memorable shopping day!

Karen was always a "daddy's" girl and in my mind I thought he would be the one who would have a hard time on Karen's wedding day. But much to my surprise, it was me. I was oh so happy for her but couldn't believe the loss I felt. But Mom's are meant to give their girls away & I did so willing.

The gown had to be altered some & we made several trips to Indy for fittings!

And in return she gave me a great son-in-law that we love dearly, and three wonderful grandchildren! My loss, or feeling of emptiness, lasted for a while, but now has completely vanished as my life is full of family times!

Look on Karen's blog for the beautiful professional photographs. I thought it would be fun to show you a few snapshots from my scrapbook!

Over the threshold she goes!
Ya'll want to reenact that moment???

One worn out couple ready to honeymoon!

... and on their 1st anniversary, Karen wanted to wear her wedding gown one more time before it was cleaned & stored away. It fit!
Congratulations on 12 years together!!!


Carol said...

Hard to believe that many years have passed SO quickly! Who knew you'd have this many grandkids 12 years later...including the twins Karen always "wanted". : )

It's a good thing none of us have aged in the past 12 years! Ha!!

Karen Walden said...

That's for the sweet post! Those are some good memories of years ago!

Remember how you and Fayerene were afraid people could see through your dresses when you were standing in the doorway waiting to come down the aisle?! :)

Remember how blotchy your neck was and that you hardly smiled in our pictures? :)

Thanks for not sharing how tight my dress was just one year later and how I was yelling for you to unzip me in the car as soon as we were done with pictures! :)

One more thing...did you HAVE to post that horrible picture with my hair a wreck the day we bought my dress??? Please... :(

Lady J said...

I remember this wedding-hardly seems it was 12 years ago. At that time I hardly knew anyone in the church but faithfully took Mom so she could see Karen get married. It was a beautiful wedding!

Sheila said...


Karen has a crowd shot in her album & has the best picture of your Mom!

Denise said...

Time definitely flies by!!!!!!! :)

Happy 12th Anniversary to Jonathan & Karen!

Sheila said...

Yes, Karen. Your mother-in-law freaked me out when she told me the photographer could see through our skirts! I stepped back & then we missed our cue to come in!!! And I do have pictures of my blotchy neck. And now I do try to make sure I smile when someone takes my picture! My emotions were showing & I didn't know it!

I forgot about the dress being tight! I just remembered that you really wanted more pictures in it. I have a few at Irwin Gardens too...

And yes, I had to post the first picture! It brings back memories of how much fun we had that day!!! I do believe you were rather windblow & worn out though. Remember trying the dress on for your Dad? Jeff was probably here too!