Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kelcie Lynn!!!

And another family event to celebrate!

Happy 19th birthday to Kelcie Lynn, my sweet niece who lives way too many miles away from me! I'm sure they are doing lots of celebrating in Kansas today.

I was going to a family reunion in Nebraska, via Kansas City, and had no idea that my niece would be born before I even got there! Mom & Dad picked me up at the airport & very secretively drove me to the hospital instead of their house. I don't think Carol was quite due & I was expecting to see her sitting in bed, patiently biding her time. And this is what I saw...

a tiny bundle of pink and my beautiful dark, curly haired niece! I instantly fell in love with her & thought she was the cutest thing ever!

Kelcie has been a joy in our family and we wish her many more fun filled birthdays. Who knows what her future holds...but we wish her the best.

Now for a few of my favorite pictures...

Jeff loves babies in T shirts!

There is that old metal lawn chair again!

Kelcie & Kyle....graduates of 2007 Auntie Sheila & niece Kelcie Lynn

You really need to check out my sister's blog for lots of darling pictures of my sweet niece.


Karen Walden said...

Happy Birthday Kelcie... We love you so much!

Carol said...

Awww!!!!!! What a SWEET post in honor of my biggest baby!! Those are some great pictures!

I'll never forget the look on your face when you saw me holding a tiny little bundle with black hair!

Thanks for putting this together!