Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Spending Someone Else's Money!

Today April and I went around to some of the suppliers to pick out things that will be going in their new house. It is almost ready for drywall and now is the time when choices have to be made that will set the style of their home.

What fun to look at all of the new products that have been introduced. I used to help Bob choose things for his "spec" houses, but he has developed a pretty good eye and gets along fine without my help. (And he probably saves himself some money. I'm dangerous in a home decorating center!)

First we set off to finalize an order for faucets, sinks, etc. There I made a wonderful impression on my daughter-in-law by setting the lady in charge straight on her letting some things be done before they were approved! I suddenly saw April sneaking around the corner....either in embarrassment or maybe laughing behind my back! Anyway, I don't think that sales lady will be quite so anxious to put her orders in so fast next time. Dear me...I may be banned from that supply house now.

After a tour of their house (I didn't even think to take pictures--but you need to see it when it's finished!) we headed for Lowes--my favorite store! April had already scoped things out which made it easy. Light fixtures were accounted for. I'll gladly let Jeff go back & pick them up and haul them to the job site! Paint choices are sort of-maybe-decided. (Right, April?) And then the very confusing, frustrating job of picking out counter tops. Everything has to blend together to make a kitchen that Jeff the Chef might want to cook in. April too!!!

April's stomach was growling least she said it was :) so we made a detour to Johnny Carino's--Jeff's former employer. We had a delicious lunch, ate way too much, and had a great surprise of our ticket being taken care of by the manager! It pays to go back to your old job once in a while!

With color chips in hand we went back & met the cabinet man at the job site. I had called him earlier and much out of character for me, told him to please sharpen his pencil and bring us a deal so April could get the cabinets of her dreams! And surprisingly, he did! Thanks so much Andy!!!!

Other decisions will have to be made also, but I think we made the important things happen today. Bob raised an eyebrow every once in a while but was in agreement that we did good.

Anybody else need me to go spend their money? I read way too many decorating magazines!

I'll let all of you guess at April & Jeff's decorating style and later will
post picture of the finished product!


Karen Walden said...

That does sound like lots of fun! I remember when we were building, we were afraid we wouldn't get our house so we just told Dad to pick out whatever he put in his "spec" houses.

Not next time!!! :)

Jenny said...

Oh that sounds like lots of fun! I was just telling Trish when we were out shopping how fun it would be to decorate someone's house and they pay for it!

Anonymous said...

Well I had lot's of fun! By the end of the day my head was spinning...not just from being a ditzy blonde either! Now the next thing is to convince Kerrigan the wall colors she picked out are going to need some tweaking. Although I think walking into a "Beach" room everyday may be relaxing! Surf's up :@)

Tricia Grissom said...

Maybe you can come help me! :o) It's been a lot of fun - but I'm ready to be done!